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Enligt lag
Peter Weiss & Hans Nordenström

In According to Law from 1957 Weiss gives a more penetrating documentation of claustrofobia, alienation and absence of sexual life in a youth prison in the fifties, in Uppsala, a small town in Sweden. From unexpected angles he is catching the naked external and gloomy interior. These sequences visualise in a suggestive way the structure of power in prisons. The text in the beginning of the film says: ‘This film has been censored by the state. We who made the film, have been prevented in our freedom of speech, you, who see the film were supposed to suffer from certain details in reality’.

English title According to Law
Keywords Documentary, Experimental, Architecture
Aspect ratio 1.37:1 (Academy)
Prod. format Generic film
Duration 00:20:00
Language Swedish
Color BW
Year 1957
Latest screening Apr 19, 2023
Jun 26, 2022
Jan 2, 2021
Nov 21, 2020
Sep 2, 2020
Jan 23, 2020
Oct 9, 2019
Jul 8, 2019
Nov 19, 2018
Dec 21, 2014
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About the artists

Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss

1916-1982. Born in Germany. He is best known internationally as a writer. His novels and dramatic works have been translated into many languages. He was also a painter and film-maker.

Hans Nordenström

1927-2004. Professor in Design Methodology and Architecture, Gothenburg.