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2020 January 23, 2020

Enligt lag at Festival of Invisible Cinema in Croatia

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Enligt lag by Peter Weiss & Hans Nordenström will be presented at two occasions in the programme Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema XIII at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and Art-Cinema Croatia in Rijeka on January 23th and February 6th. The programme has been curated by Tanja Vrvilo and Ehsan Khoshnakht.

Film Mutations is a project addressing various forms of film presentation and interpretation, as well as policies in film curating. This event brings forth a selected repertoire of so-called borderline and invisible films with a different thematic focus each year. It is organized by the arts association FILM-PROTUFILM.

Works distributed by Filmform

Enligt lag

Peter Weiss & Hans Nordenström

1957, 00:20:00