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Dream of Water

Hans Esselius, 1968

The magic and clarity of water makes it a classic topic in free film, used by many film-makers in different ways. Esselius again manages to imbue this theme with energy and vitality.

A poetic study of thirst. Stylized images of flowing water and the face of a young woman flowing...

I sin Ensamhet

Jockum Nordström, 1998

A lonely man is kept busy, by thoroughly cleaning every inch of his apartment. A stream of consciousness, fragments of women, in the form of collages, interrupts the chores.

Jag letar i ditt kök

Anna-Karin Rasmusson, 2019

About the failure. Maybe as a strategy. About the feeling of searching but not finding, and not even knowing what you are looking for. The kitchen as the heart.

Mother’s Milk

Sophie Vuković, 2019

Mother’s Milk (2019) is a poetic formulation of a mother-daughter relationship, where everyday considerations are interwoven with gestures that are both tender and violent to create a touching and thoughtful study of ideas about care. The film takes off in the caring femme body that is in...

Ear to the Ground (Wandering Rocks)

Ulrika Sparre, 2020

In the second video in the series, Ear to the ground, our human search for truth and the conditions of human existence is investigated, reflecting how the artist perceive the land of the desert. With the use of contact microphones vibrations from the wandering stones and the deserted landscape is...

Every picture means something to me

Andreas Gedin, 2019

A film about art that somewhat have a life of its own and about Chongli and his strange shop in Beijing fenced in by hoardings decorated with photographs and his own paintings. The fenced-in area measures some seventeen by two metres. On the other side of the fence, under the open sky, there are...

From Here to The Black Sea

Unni Gjertsen, 2020

From Here to The Black Sea is a meditation on the geographical landscape of the Cold War. The level of conflict between the West and the East increased in 2014, and an old ghost came to the surface. We follow the perspective of dancer Mariko Miyata, who is too young to remember the atmosphere...

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