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Att leva är att darra

Gunilla Sköld Feiler & Dror Feiler, 2017

”To live is to tremble. The body quakes and twitches in constant convulsions. A vibrating, oscillating wave moves through its nerve-ends, putting the whole living being in tremors.” /Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg

En bra vecka för demokratin

Cecilia Björk, 2018

A point of pride of Swedish democracy since 1968, the political festival Almedalen keeps getting bigger every summer. Shot here over the course of three years, A Good Week for Democracy follows politicians, lobbyists and journalists at different stages in their careers, with different degrees of...


Noemi Sjöberg, 2018

When I witnessed this scene I immediately felt uncomfortable … But there, in the eyes of others all seemed innocuous. At the harbor in Essaouira, under the flight of the seagulls, the every day life followed its course, the women walked around, the fishermen did their work, the divers...


Nelson & Wiley: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley, 1971

A documentary about 5 artists: Bill Wiley, Bob Nelson, Bill Allan, Bill Geiss och Bob Hudson.

Virginia Woolf

Catti Brandelius, 2007

Virginia Woolf wrote ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in 1929. Eighty years later we accompany nine authors, who show us their own rooms. Meet Annelie Jordahl, Kristina Lugn, Susanna Alakoski, Yvonne Hirdman among others.


Hanna Ljungh, 2007

Retaliation is a filmed performance based on a scene from the film ‘The Virgin Spring’ by Ingmar Bergman. The piece is a revolt and a homage. Retaliation takes a fictional action and studies it to find new meaning. The video is a play with strength and weakness where the woman takes...

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