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Stora scenen

Tova Mozard, 2012

The artist Tova Mozard sits with her mother and grandmother on the main stage at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. As if in a therapy session, the three unveil a series of powerful stories about what is inevitably and unintentionally passed on from generation to generation, between mother...

Image Missing or Scenes Based on an Unrealized Play by Bertolt Brecht (1939), and Later Reimagined by Peter Weiss (1978), about Engelbrekt and the Peasant Uprising in Sweden 1434—36

Samuel Richter, 2020

The work deals with the power and the limits of aesthetic mediation of political history, as well as the relation between political and aesthetic representation. It takes its point of departure in an unfinished script for a never realized play, found in the archives of the National Library of...

Untitled Abisko

Sophie Vuković, 2020

A photographer and her lover travel to Abisko in the north of Sweden in the summer of 2020 to document the effects of the rising temperatures on the mountain landscape. Many years later, both the landscape and their love is long gone, and the world as they knew it lies under water after a natural...


Kristin Johannessen, 2020

Years after recovering from her sickness in delusional thoughts and OCD, Kristin Johannessen finds her old digital cameras while clearing out her childhood room. She lived there during her illness and used to record film for hours a day, when she controlled her living (for example to make sure...

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