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Hang Ten Sunset

Katarina Löfström, 2000

This work is an attempt at capturing the essence of a sunset, keeping the qualities that make us stop and watch it night after night, year after year.


Katarina Löfström, 2001

The animation is inspired by the after-images that appears on the retina after one has looked into the sun. Löfström’s animations have a clear connection to painting and music, to the psychadelic, the decorative style of the 70’s, modernism’s colour field painting or...

Red Light

Katarina Löfström, 2002

This film was shot in the red light district in Kampala, Uganda, where I was filming a documentary on AIDS. The constant stream of headlights hitting the street-facing window of my hotel room looked pristine and meditative, in stark cointrast to the appealing reality of the trade going on in the...

High Noon

Katarina Löfström, 2003

This work is inspired by a memory of waking up on a beach, disoriented and dehydrated but profoundly at ease.


Katarina Löfström, 2004

Score is an animation based on the pixels of an image of the universe, taken by the Hubble space telescope.


Katarina Löfström, 2004

This is an animated abstraction of the view from the top of the Fernsehturm in Berlin. To me, the lights of the city resembles a code message, a message I was desperately trying to decode while living in the city.

An Island

Katarina Löfström, 2004

An Island consists of an abstraction of Gröna Lund in Stockholm. The amusement park is seen from afar by night. Its illuminations appear in silhouette as an elusive scenario, a something which can only be fully experienced from a distance. If we come too close, reality will interfere and the...

Little Star

Katarina Löfström, 2006

This animation is based on so-called Girih tiles – ancient patterns mathematically designed to depict infinity.


Katarina Löfström, 2007

I thought of the many people involved in making a work of art, in this case ‘Apocalypse Now Redux’ by Francis Ford Coppola, and wanted to make some sort of memento mori film by blurring their names and making the slow transition of talent into a somewhat Rorschach-like animation....

Crying Skyscraper

Katarina Löfström, 2009

Inspired by late-night drives through rainy cities.

A void

Katarina Löfström, 2013

This work consists of visual components inspired by the relationship between different patterns from around the world, and their origins, also called entoptic phenomenon. This is a kind of feedback between the brain anf the retina that occurs in the optic nerve, which manifests itself in various...


Katarina Löfström, 2015

Katarina Löfström’s video Downhill (2015) places cinematic mind-altering journeys in dialogue with the legacy of the sound-vision experiments of the avant-garde as well as with more contemporary forms of popular culture and modes of entertainment.

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