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Peter Nestler, 1968

A short pamphlet based on a text by Peter Weiss and on the contrapuntal use of the relation between image and sound. The commercial activities and fantasies linked to tourism in Sweden are contradicted by the geopolitics of capitalist imperialism.

Killing Time

Kent Klich, 2011

The title Killing Time refers to the act of waiting – a common state for people in occupied areas or surrounded by blockades. It also points to the imminent death of the individuals portrayed in the mobile phone images and videos, which were taken by people living in Gaza and given to Kent...

Years of Saturdays

Benj Gerdes, 2018

Since the late 1960s, a group of activists has met weekly to protest US-led military invasions in front of a small-town post office in central Pennsylvania (this is one of many such sites). At the height of anti-war mobilizations, and later during the spread of Occupy movements, one reportedly...


Theresa Traore Dahlberg, 2021

Microcement – a poetic depiction of the daily work at Cementa in Degerhamn on Öland, where large parts of the production were recently moved to Gotland, meaning the majority of the employees lost their jobs. The film focuses on the seven people who remain, keeping production on a small...

Chronos - Kronos

Katarina Löfström, 2023

An animation with circles that expand and contract, inspired by mandalas, target boards and time management diagrams. The title is a mixup of two gods from Greek mythology – Chronos, god of time, and Kronos, a Titan and father of Zeus. Developed in cooperation with Måns Nyman.

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