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How to get distribution as an artist

Filmform is the only Swedish organization solely dedicated to the distribution and preservation of artists moving images. The organization is one of the oldest of its kind even in an international perspective. Since 1950, Filmform has been promoting experimental film and video art with a wide-ranging network of institutions, producers and curators all across the world. Filmform continuously works for the protection of the originators right and artistic integrity.


As an artist working with moving images you have the opportunity to become part of the archive and get access to Filmform’s expertise and extensive distribution channels. You should be working professionally and have documented experience. Please note that the application is open for all artists from or currently working in Sweden.

Submission is free and open throughout the year. Decisions are made continuously with a processing time of about 6 months. To enter submission, use the attached link to supply Filmform with relevant details regarding your work. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Title, length, year and original format of the submitted work(s)
  • Instructions for digital preview (preferably online preview link)
  • CV and brief descriptions or other texts about the submitted work(s)

Please use the Google form to apply for distribution here.

After submitting your work, the acquisition group consisting of film and art professionals together with external advisers will decide whether to include it in Filmform’s distribution collection. Distinctive artistic qualities and formal experimentation as well as the coherence of the work with the rest of the collection are the guiding principles prevailing to the groups selections. When decisions have been made, Filmform will inform all applicants per email. Submitted work(s) will either be admitted to distribution, kindly declined or be given the opportunity to be included in Filmform’s reference archive. Works that have been included in the reference archive will be available for previewing for research purposes on site at Filmform but are not in distribution. Please note that older as well as newer works can be submitted for distribution, Filmforms collection contains titles from 1924 to our present year.

Once admitted to the distribution catalogue, a contract will be signed by Filmform and the artist that stipulates the terms of distribution. Filmform works with sales of immaterial licenses and does not hold exclusive copyright for titles in distribution, copyright is entirely owned by the originator. The contract will be valid until further notice, with the possibility for termination within three months. However, distribution orders that may already have been confirmed within these three months will not be canceled.

Central to Filmform’s operation is artists and filmmakers right for compensation when screening works publicly at theaters, festivals and galleries or for education purposes. When installing works in exhibitions, rates based on MU-avtalet are used. Besides supplying curators and institutions with screening copies, still images and text material, Filmform continuously helps artists with counseling and backing in various situations that revolve around sales and screening of moving images. Being a long-term member of the global DINAMO-network, Filmform works closely with organizations such as LIMA, AV-Arkki and continuously presents works in distribution at IFFR and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

All rental fees are paid as royalties once a year every December. The amount in full will go to the artist without exception. Merely administrative charges are collected by Filmform. Below you will find the standard rental fees:

Single screening
500 SEK per title
Subsequent screening in the same place: 250 SEK per title
Subsequent screening in the same program or context but in another venue: 350 SEK per title

Educational screening
40% off on all prices listed in the Single screening section above. Some exceptions may apply.

Exhibition (looped installation)
Installation price rates will vary according to the size of the venue/renter including number of participating artists and number of weeks. The rates are based on “MU-avtalet”, a national agreement that guarantees originators right to compensation. To learn more about “MU-avtalet” and the different rates, please do not hesitate to ask us or see the attached PDF’s

MU-avtalet: Svenska
MU-avtalet: English