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3 tips för smärtfria fötter

The film is a comment on the TV programs that washed over Swedish TV during the early 2000s. There were programs like “The Swan”, “Nip/Tuck” and “Extreme Makeover” “DR. 90210”, “What Not to Wear”. These TV shows presented bodily changes...

På spaning efter den prins som flytt

Prince Eugene’s unknown works are the only good result that the state monarchy has created, according to the filmmaker Carl Johan De Geer. The film philosophizes about this elusive painter prince in a melancholy manner.


Notes during the work with the film: Beginning with the picture on the title page of Rudbeck’s Atlantica, in which Rudbeck tears a piece off the soft earth’s crust, revealing Sweden as the sunken Atlantis, and in the same audaciously unscientific way freed from reality’s hold,...

Den analytiska stunden

Den analytiska stunden was a part of an experiment with Arris’ new 16mm camera in order to demonstrate the capabilities of new technique. The artists behind the film, Filmligan, consisted of the members Kjell Johansson, Carl Slättne and Ola Billgren. They wanted to examine and provoke...

Velocipeden Union

This film is based on rhythmic formations in pictures and sound, shaping and organic patterns. The music is conducted on bicycle spokes. 

Sent på jorden

The French auteur and writer Jean Epstein once wrote that fatigue is photogenic. The tiredness of faces or things or even landscapes seems to emanate with a desire to be filmed. The cinema thus awakens what almost seems to be sleeping. In “Sent på Jorden” Skoog brings forth the...

Mirror Movement

MIRROR MOVEMENT was filmed in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona, in 1973, on 16mm Kodachrome stock and with a Bolex camera. I restored and scanned the film from the original positive in 2017 for this digital copy and was surprised at how the colours were unchanged by time, after 45 years.

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Schmeerquntz by Gunvor Nelson will be screened in San Sebastian at Tabakalera 11th September 2020 to 28th February 2021.


Enligt lag visas som installtion i det före detta fängelset Vita Duvan i Luleå under 2020års Luleåbiennalen