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Som de själva

Like Themselves explores the idea of bodily habitus, of conduct, of generational transmission. In the video, we follow a girl in Nazaré, who has learned the work of a ‘beach attendant’ while we watch an old woman doing the same task. A daily scene which, in its naturalness,...


Years after recovering from her sickness in delusional thoughts and OCD, Kristin Johannessen finds her old digital cameras while clearing out her childhood room. She lived there during her illness and used to record film for hours a day, when she controlled her living (for example to make sure...

The Mismade Girl

The video work The Mismade Girl is to a certain extent a portrait of a dying breed – the American style entertainer with an ever-gleaming smile on his face who is out of sync with his time. The magician Chuck Jones and Jan, his life and show partner, have developed the classic trick...


Audio and Visual are looking for a context between the wave lengths in a poly rhythmic dance, where coincidence leads sound to the image and vice versa. The two parts have their own functions but when they meet, they reinforce each others expression which creates harmony between them.

3 tips för smärtfria fötter

The film is a comment on the TV programs that washed over Swedish TV during the early 2000s. There were programs like `The Swan´, `Nip/Tuck´, `Extreme Makeover´,`DR. 90210´and `What Not to Wear´. These TV shows presented bodily changes as the answer to all thinkable...

På spaning efter den prins som flytt

Prince Eugene’s unknown works are the only good result that the state monarchy has created, according to the filmmaker Carl Johan De Geer. The film philosophizes about this elusive painter prince in a melancholy manner.

True Colours: Edge

Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena’s True Colours is enacted on the knife’s edge between visibility and invisibility. Camouflage conceals both the quarry and the hunter. The soldier taking cover in an ambush risks becoming a quarry himself, observer and observed.

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