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Act on Instinct

Through pine groves and oat fields, amongst elk and woodland lakes – a deer is passing by with three small fawns on a leash. She has recently become a mother and is trying to adjust to her new role. She is nature, this is her land but still she can’t shake the...

Det var en tid då allt var möjligt – All makt åt fantasin!

‘It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination!’ is produced in the form of a witness seminar about the activity center Gamla Bro. The voices in the film are based on conversations, e-mail exchanges and leaflets that have...

Kontoret, Skärholmen

‘The office’ was the name a group of homeless people gave their trailer park situated in the outskirts of Stockholm, close to the shopping area King’s curve. During an intense autumn of 2010, the trailer park appeared in a variety of Stockholm newspapers...


Hägringen depicts the life of a young Latin American man in late 70s Stockholm, struggling with the experience of neither becoming a part of the new society nor being able to influence events in his native country.

Att leva är att darra

It takes a moment for viewers to understand what they are watching, a bell is seldom seen from below. There is something erotic, somewhat inappropriate about the view – upskirt – the hanging, vibrating clappers, a bit like budding flowers in springtime, waiting to blossom. Never...

Till den som bär mig

‘To my carrier’ starts and ends as a love letter written to a wheelchair. The spoken letter, accompanied by a silent dance, reflects on personhood in relation to disability.

Det viktigaste nu är att må dåligt

During a compulsory information meeting for unemployed people, the friendly face of a ridiculous, Kafkaesque bureaucracy exposes the truth behind unemployment. Unemployed people act as a deterrent to the rest of the population: to remain in their poorly paid jobs and to...

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Välimiehet Performing “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” will be screened at Kasseler Dokfest


Vedergällning av Hanna Ljungh visas i programmet "Allting föreställer. Ingenting är" på Gävle Konstcentrum


To My Carrier by Elbe Wallin will be screened at Kasseler Dokfest