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What happens in the spaces between place and person? Between places and human history? And the place and its memory? My hometown Kiruna is going to be razed and relocated. The old company town Bolagsområdet, where I grew up, will collapse down into the underground because the bedrock is...


Revisit takes it starting point from some photographs I took in Griffith Park in Los Angeles 2004. After 13 years I return to the park trying to find my way back to the same locations.

Scen ur ett äktenskap

The year was 1999 and we sat at the kitchen table in Old Town in Stockholm and had morning coffee. We started playing with the idea of being an actor. Cinemateket’s program sheet was on the table and in it you could see frozen stills from films by Akira Kurosawa (‘Dreams’),...

Other Rooms

We are located in a house where time and space seams to no longer communicate. The laws of nature have gone for vacation, vegetation seeks its way in through cracks and holes. A horse can not get up from the green puddle on the floor and someone is trapped inside of a large sack.

Hope It Will Not Terrify

“Thank you for answering my questions so kindly. I was hoping to join a gathering Saturday evening but I was hindered by the Sun.”

Mamma har varit direktör

The filmmakers mother was a CEO for a brush factory. The story how the mother managed to take back the family owned factory from her late husband in the fifties, was like a fairytale for the daughter. Nowadays the daughter spends a lot of time to help her old mother and the idea of making a film...


In the video work HeadHandEye, Hanni Kamaly interweaves images and stories in associative thought chains that reveal how power has always been exercised by controlling and dehumanising the body of the other.

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