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Arbetsmaterial: Siri Derkerts ateljé

An unfinished film, shot at the artist Siri Derkert’s studio on Lidingö, Stockholm in the early 1960s during Derkert’s preparations for the commissioned work Ristningar i betong (1961–1965) in Östermalmstorg subway station.

Margaret (Back Translation)

“You know how history affects things? But it’s probably not the history… it’s, you know… the problems after hard times… without the history being there…”


Ljuset (the Candle) is a filmed memorial candle that is lit and then in real time slowly burns down. Lighting a candle is a simple act and at the same time a charged gesture. It is not only reserved for religous contexts or specific cultures but is an everyday act that all people can relate to....

The Un Dead

The Un dead is set in a haunted house where people and furniture have come to resemble each other. In a sequence of events that is at once surrealistically driven and materially presenting, we get to see what takes place between these four walls. A woman chews on a bird, a belt floats in the...

Cultivating Abundance

The film Cultivating Abundance (64 min., 2022) returns to the moment when a technique for the breeding of monoculture crops was invented at the Swedish Seed Association, beginning in the 1880s. The method was developed from ideas of genetic ‘purity’ and ‘originality’, a...

Time Waste

It is a short film that takes place in a full-scale model of a bathroom, a recreated copy from a dissertation from 1985. At that time, a female architect investigated how it was possible to build a bathroom that was easier to clean. The researcher started from her own experiences as a parent of...

Den feministiska visionen

The piece unfolds in two places; a collective house called Elfvinggården built in 1940 for professional, single women and in a fictional place called Herland. It poses questions about the situation for women from the 1940’s up until today and about which places or environments that...

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