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The film grew out of a longing to meet the tree called Old Tjikko, at Fulufjället in northern Sweden.

Loving in Between

Loving In Between is inspired by the poem Advice by Langston Huhges: “Folks, I’m telling you, birthing is hard and dying is mean – so get yourself a little loving in between.”

Yo también soy humo / I Am Also Smoke

I am also smoke is bound up with exile and the loss of a stable sense of belonging. It signifies the release of arriving after a long and uncertain journey and tasting the air of a foreign city for the first time in a place where you know you will have to survive, somehow, once you finish this...


Rigmaroles is a video documentation of an unannounced performance where Anna delivers questions searched from her Google search engines. Using a megaphone she shouted out a hundred questions along a shopping street in Umeå.

Blind Understanding – New Commentary

The film Blind Understanding – New Commentary dismantles our expectations that an artwork is finished once it’s presented for an audience. In 2009 Saskia Holmkvist made Blind Understanding and, 10 years later, the artist places herself in a vulnerable position by critiquing the...


Per capita Sweden is one of the world’s largest weapon exporters in parallel with the self-promotion of a peace-making nation worldwide. Intertwined in the narrative presented in the film, the authors are building a replica of one of Sweden´s most sold hand held weapons. The film...

New Centuries are Rare

The archaic topography of Norberg, with its myriad of water filled mining shafts zigzagging beneath the surface of the earth, unfolds a narrative of deindustrialization and links it to other decimated mining regions throughout the world. These ghostified sites of abandoned industries became,...

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