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RESPITE was one of Tommy Zwedberg’s last compositions.The premier of the film in a memorial evening at the avantgarde electronic music place Fylkingen in Stockholm was accompanied by a live performance with The Saxophone Quartet for which the composition originally was written.

Ear to the Ground (Golden Monolith & Black Monolith)

The film Ear to the Ground (Golden Monolith & Black Monolith) is an existential dialogue between Ulrika Sparre’s interpretation of nature’s voice and Alberto Giacometti’s memories of a cave and a black monolith in his birth village Stampa..


Through small scenes from the ongoing life the film circulates around the role of storytelling, borders, filmmaking, sorting and archiving trough the encounter with people in the small municipal of Hylte in Sweden.


Qirat is loosely based around an oral family anecdote of a robbery that took place in the lush valley of Fez in northern Morocco during the 1980s. In the film, the events have been transposed to Ouarzazate, located on the edge of the Sahara Desert in central Morocco. Here the anecdote is...

Det är ju alltid ett jättejobb att hålla ihop ett kollektiv

From 2016 until 2019, a highly public conflict raged between the Swedish Dockworkers Union and the employer APM Terminals in the Gothenburg container port. From the workers’ perspective, the dispute, which led to a national strike and lockouts in ports across Sweden, was about working...

"Tilsammans" Means Overlapping Edges, as in Tiles or Scales: Feeling Translation

“Tilsammans” Means Overlapping Edges, as in Tiles or Scales: Feeling Translation / Jennifer Hayashida. 

Populus Tremula

Populus Tremula is a 16mm film loop originating from artistic research into Swedish “Match King” Ivar Kreuger (1880 – 1932), whom The Economist in 2007 called “the world’s greatest financial swindler” and who was the founder of Svenska...

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Liv Strand and Ralph Lundsten in EMS exhibition


"Olivier Herdies - Levande sitt eget liv" exhibition at Teckningsmuseet


Carl Johan de Geer and Kjartan Slettemark in an exhibition at Kulturhuset