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Hekate Rising

In a pine forest loaded with mushrooms, an encounter with the goddess Hekate emerges. In a moonlit bed inspired by the moon scene in Les Amants by Louis Malle the meaning of a woman’s beauty is transformed. The only actor in the film is asleep, dreamed of, outdoors on a dreamy meadow. In an...

The Sunday Orchestra

In Jockum Nordström’s pencil animation constructed around a melody, four musicians wander about with their instruments, amongst houses and dreams.

Westafrican Roadmovie

In West African Roadmovie the viewer is brought along on an adventure in the style of a GoPro-travel documentary. The condensed timeline eliminates the travel distance that exists between the locations visited. Different blocks are merged together; a backstreet in Accra leads...

Searching for the European Roller

Searching for the European Roller takes place in several public and private institutions across Sweden. It targets to mimic the purpose of educational videos and playfully applies an academic voice whilst exploring strategies of storytelling. The video weaves in and out of the history of a...

Act on Instinct

Through pine groves and oat fields, amongst elk and woodland lakes – a deer is passing by with three small fawns on a leash. She has recently become a mother and is trying to adjust to her new role. She is nature, this is her land but still she can’t shake the...

Det var en tid då allt var möjligt – All makt åt fantasin!

‘It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination!’ is produced in the form of a witness seminar about the activity center Gamla Bro. The voices in the film are based on conversations, e-mail exchanges and leaflets that have...

Kontoret, Skärholmen

‘The office’ was the name a group of homeless people gave their trailer park situated in the outskirts of Stockholm, close to the shopping area King’s curve. During an intense autumn of 2010, the trailer park appeared in a variety of Stockholm newspapers...

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