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Again and Again We Ask These Questions

Again and Again We Ask These Question consists of a collection of questions used and asked repeatedly throughout the development of and within several lecture performances held by Hillside Projects. It takes into consideration and reaches out to all extinct and endangered species, cultures and...


Traces of Garden is a poetic relationship about colour, shapes, and movement. The pictures are based on recorded material with water, trees, landscapes, and a love scene. The images’ aesthetic is a kind of digital neo-impressionisms. A key area is, in fact, the time, the viewer’s...


While watching my footage from Morocco, I started playing atthe “Rear window”, making several “zooms” in one singletake filmed at the Square Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech. Littleby little, I began to discover thousands of stories in onesingle clip. The game and voyeurism...

Bägaren är rågad

The film deals with the feeling of being chosen, and the responsibility that comes with being the Virgin Mary’s messenger. Using archive material, both image, and text, a narrative is created from children’s experiences of various apparitions in Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje.


A wind is blowing through some lonely trees on a mountain side. Above the horizon the Moon is resting. In the distance you hear a faint piano through the wind.


Kyma is an abstract short film, filmed with both Super8 and MiniDV camera. The video begins and ends with wave movements in the form of a plow. From a plane, you see the earth from above, dreamy scenery, clouds and mountains on the horizon that are shifting to closeup images of waves, ripples and...

Svart hund

A stationary camera captures a black dog who sits still. The dog turns its head back and forth slowly and keeps her gaze fixated on something that the viewer never gets to see.

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RED SHIFT by Gunvor Nelson will be presented in the thematic programme "Artist in focus: Alia Syed" at Courtisane Festival in Gent on 7 th April 2019.


Ett stort urval av Tova Mozards filmer visas som loop i den kommande utställningen “TOVA MOZARD” på Museum Anna Nordlander (MAN)


Retaliation by Hanna Ljungh will be screened as a loop in the exhibiton "Everything Represents. Nothing Is" at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad.