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A wind is blowing through some lonely trees on a mountain side. Above the horizon the Moon is resting. In the distance you hear a faint piano through the wind.


Kyma is an abstract short film, filmed with both Super8 and MiniDV camera. The video begins and ends with wave movements in the form of a plow. From a plane, you see the earth from above, dreamy scenery, clouds and mountains on the horizon that are shifting to closeup images of waves, ripples and...

Svart hund

A stationary camera captures a black dog who sits still. The dog turns its head back and forth slowly and keeps her gaze fixated on something that the viewer never gets to see.

En bra vecka för demokratin

A point of pride of Swedish democracy since 1968, the political festival Almedalen keeps getting bigger every summer. Shot here over the course of three years, A Good Week for Democracy follows politicians, lobbyists and journalists at different stages in their careers, with different degrees of...


The neon signs of the Psychics cut through the darkness. Beckoning, like temples of a secular religion promising guidance through the confusion that is life. A lost soul’s stumbles through a world where no one seems to take notice. Inhabitants of the small shard of...


The video shows Tågteve (Train TV), an installation realized by My Lindh in 2012. Tågteve was displayed along the railway between Stockholm and Uppsala (Sweden) in the summer of 2012. The installation turned the train window into a TV screen, and the bypassing landscape into a movie....

Nordiska panoraman, landskap No.2

Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No. 2, deals with the image of the Nordic landscape. The video shows a vast forest where the various layers move slowly in lateral directions, while the wind blows in the trees and the sun is lowered behind the treetops. The mighty landscape gives the impression of...

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Koltloop av Liselotte Wajstedt visas under temadagen Dräkt och Identitet på Silvanum i Gävle den 2 mars.


SCHMEERGUNTZ by Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley will be screened at several occasions in cities across Mexico


BillBobBillBillBob by Gunvor Nelson will be installed at di Rosa Center For Contemporary Art during a one year period.