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Siliconic Superhighway

A speculative visual and sonic fiction about silicon-based lifeforms, journeyed through five ecological stages: submarine, earth, living sand, dust, and not-earth.

Ta det onda med det goda

Catti Brandelius is an artist who uses various alter egos in her art.In the video “Take the bad with the good” she is both a grower and a vermin. Farming the land and living in harmony with nature also means making enemies. Which of the two combatants wins the title “The most...

Destination Happiness

In the video, the artist is in her “Miss Universe” guise. Miss Universe searches for happiness. She wanders the streets up and down San Francisco asking everyone she meets for directions. Everyone she meets describes the path differently. Will she ever find the way?

It Cannot be Contained

Blood is the body fluid in humans (and other animals) that transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells and metabolic waste products away from the cells. Throughout history, blood has had great concrete and symbolic meaning, – blood is a symbol of the human life force and soul, at the same...


A lesson in the history of artistic depictions of people. A play on the camera-eye and our prejudices, by Kjell Johansson, Carl Slättne, and Ola Billgren.

A Different Category

Using film photography and documentary audio, ‘A Different Category’ is a collage of discussions between three young women about girlhood and voice, and the intersecting experiences that make up adolescence. Reflecting on the competing desires between autonomy and connections, the...


On Svalbard, time seems to stand still. Being situated on the periphery of the world map isolates the island from the rest of the fast-paced world. When the polar night arrives, day and night merge into one. At the same time, time is running out. Climate change is transforming the place at...

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