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How Tables Came to Umu Madu

In this video installation, we see Cardinal Mbiyo Chui of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church telling the story of “How Tables Came to Umu Madu” by Nigerian author Theoben Obikaram Echewa. The story speaks of what happened to Africa when the Europeans came. The story is...

Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise

Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise (The Snake, A Story About Molise) is a short film about language, materials, communication and transitions between organism, object, memory and form. Its title refers to the Italian word for snake, and resembles a river that flows and carries the story across...

Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor

From 2015 to 2017, Lynne Sachs visited with Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer and Gunvor Nelson, three multi-faceted artists who have embraced the moving image throughout their lives. From Carolee’s 18th Century house in the woods of Upstate New York to Barbara’s West Village studio...

I Think of Silences When I Think of You

I think of silences when I think of you is a lyrical portrait of a woman’s engagement in Ghana and her impending migration in the late 1990s. The film depicts a woman’s navigation through the world in relation to silence, set against her desires and dreams of Europe.

En mammas kropp

A Mother’s Body​ is an intimate portrayal of two women hotel cleaners from a daughter’s perspective. While the women perform their daily work, the daughter reflects on how their profession affects their bodies and relationship to time. Meanwhile, the women navigate and negotiate the...


The film “Ritual” is an experimental documentary that explores the greed for energy as a social phenomenon, and employs ritual as an artistic method. It has been filmed in eleven locations in Sweden: Burseryd, Kinnekulle, Sandviken, Hofors, Grängesberg, Njakafjäll,...


The Háldi is a forest creature that may lure children into the woods. Is it only a part of Sámi mythology or is it as real as you and I? Who is she? Why would she want to lure children out into the woods? Is she evil or egotistical? Or is she maybe just lonely …?

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