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The Haven

The Haven takes place in the communal laundry house, typical to Swedish housing complexes and a kind of frame of mind for ordinary life. The laundry house is not only a warm and temporary safe space, it is also a place where it is possible to be somebody else, for a couple of hours. In an...

Untitled Abisko

A photographer and her lover travel to Abisko in the north of Sweden in the summer of2020 to document the effects of the rising temperatures on the mountain landscape. Many years later, both the landscape and their love is long gone, and the world as they knew it lies under water after a natural...


In Flairs we see a gathered group of soldiers in a shifting light from an emergency rocket. The rocket alternately hides, alternately exposes the troup that both blends in and emerges in sharp contour in the surrounding landscape. 

Sånt händer inte här

This is a short film about the normalized indifference and its subsequent deportations of refugees – from a family perspective. Kerstin Kalström is the housewife at the Bergmangårdarna Foundation since many years. She is the one who makes sure that the scholarship residents are...


What happens in the spaces between place and person? Between places and human history? And the place and its memory? My hometown Kiruna is going to be razed and relocated. The old company town Bolagsområdet, where I grew up, will collapse down into the underground because the bedrock is...


Revisit takes it starting point from some photographs I took in Griffith Park in Los Angeles 2004. After 13 years I return to the park trying to find my way back to the same locations.

Scen ur ett äktenskap

The year was 1999 and we sat at the kitchen table in Old Town in Stockholm and had morning coffee. We started playing with the idea of being an actor. Cinemateket’s program sheet was on the table and in it you could see frozen stills from films by Akira Kurosawa (‘Dreams’),...

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Iris Smeds' The Average has been selected for competition at Riga International Film Festival.


Mot bakgrund av Filmforms 70årsfirande rekonstrueras filmprogrammet Viking Eggeling och den tidiga avantgardefilmen i samarbete med Cinemateket.


Sophie Vuković's Mother's Milk and Åsa Cederqvist's Mama Dada Gaga will participate in VAFT 2020.