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A Cabinet for Daydreams

Filmed in Spain, London, and Sweden with an old Bolex silent camera, this film was originally part of a longer film – that was split into a diptych, the other one being HOMMAGE Á MÉLIÈRS (not restored/available). They work as independent films.
I was lucky enough to...


The shadow of a tall and hunched man moves around a labyrinthine full of bookcases, video tapes and plastic bags – like a modern Max Schreck who is restlessly looking for something that has been lost forever. John Skoog’s interpretation of ‘Nosferatu’ is a (self-)portrait...


Förår gives a portrait of the violence inherent in the most common industrial machinery and technological instruments. No technology is devoid of agency. Here, Skoog’s case in point is the everyday use of hunting rifles. The film follows the rifle as an agent in itself and its...


Federsee presents us with a tangible, ethnographic portrait of a ritual in a disenchanted world. The unmasked face of a participant sitting inside a public bus appears to be ethnology in the most graphic sense of the term. In this film Skoog shows us that he is a camera man. The ethnographic...

The Decency Squad

The Decency Squad humorously comment on Iranian women’s internalization of the patriarchy.

Music For Your Eyes

Cité Europe

The Cité Europe shopping center is located next to the French terminal of the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK, outside the city of Calais. In the film Cité Europe we are guided through the outskirts of the shopping mall; the desolate backsides and the hidden corners of the...

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Chora by Emily Carlén will be screened as a loop in the exhibition Art of Sport at Copenhagen Contemporary


Slap Happy i stor Annika von Hausswolff-retrospektiv på Moderna Museet, våren 2021