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Caring discusses issues of care in architecture and takes its starting point from Alvar Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium in Finland.


Sorgearbete, which translates to Work of Mourning, explores the notion of grief and mourning through documentary interviews interlocking with ritualistic visual interpretations. Both of the approaches feature a group of women artists, initiated by and also including the artist Nadine Byrne, who...


Nature is a mirror. A reflection of wild emotion and deep tranquillity. The correspondence between the immensity of world space and the depth of “inner space” (to quote Bachelard from his book Poetics of Space) is a prism through which we should view Topografi. As viewers we become...

How Pure is The Journey?

How Pure is the Journey? continues Byrne’s cinematic work focusing on the different parts and functions of the ritual. In this film, the transformative act of the ritual is a short closing sequence, instead it is all the preparations leading up to this act that we witness. Two women perform...

Mind Cathedral

The virtual reality “MIND CATHEDRAL” is a metaphor for our mind, our private cathedral. When we put on the VR goggles, we are confronted with another world, real and not real at the same time. We are a entering a virtual mental space where images and letters dance and float in...


In April 2002, South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth launched aboard the Russian Soyuz TM-34 mission for a 9-day, 21-hour, and 25 minute trip into outer space. In gentle, disembodied voiceover, he recounts his experiences of coming to understand Earth afresh by venturing away from it and...


Fear, thought, action. The sick compulsive behavior in a sick world. The individual’s will to do the right thing.

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Loopad filmvisning på utställningen Mother Courage and Her Children


Parallella linjer av Gittan Jönsson visas på Eskilstuna Konstmuseum i utställningen We are all astronauts on a space-ship called earth


Välkommen till utdelningen av Filmformpriset som i år tilldelas de två filmskaparna Staffan Lamm och Jyoti Mistry på Zita Folkets Bio den 30 november med start kl 19.00.