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Every Tuesday afternoon, staff from different departments gather in the kitchen for a joint meeting. The School Prefect holds the meeting and informs about things that are important for everyone to know. There is also an opportunity to share other information. The meeting usually takes about half...


If the park was a stage, what would it show? Who is using the space and how? The park is one of the few public spaces that invites presence without consumption. A piece of landscaped nature wedged between roads and houses. Like a cinematic field study taking place during one year, we fixed our...

Aunt Gladys

The six minute video Tia Gladys (Aunt Gladys), 2014, portrays Fabra Guemberenas old aunt singing the song “The Daughter of Juan Simon”. While singing she goes through the process of trying to reconcile herself, approaching the agonizing emotions of death

Ted Danson

Noventa y Tres

Noventa y Tres slides between reality and fiction; proceeding from a terrorist act aboard an airplane, it is reminiscent of a predictable Hollywood drama of the 9/11 tragedy. The scene is soon punctuated with scenes of Superman in flight and seminude flight attendants—one sloppily seducing...

Norma or Gene

Citizen Phoenix Kundalini makes a visit to GCC – “Genetic Control Center” – to order her first child… A vision about the consequences and possibilities of genetic manipulation.


In a mixture of animated images and scenes played by actors, a situation is presented, which immediately changes into another, repeating itself, with flashes from the past – “the subjective memory”, and of the future – “the illuminated imagination”, to finally...

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Schmeerquntz by Gunvor Nelson will be screened in San Sebastian at Tabakalera 11th September 2020 to 28th February 2021.


The Man in the Background by Gunvor Nelson will be installed as a loop in the exhibition A Painter of Our Time at Institut Funder Bakke


Kirsa Nicholina by Gunvor Nelson will be part of the programme Amos Vogel at UW Cinematheque