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Den sista mannen

Retardation is the second short film in the Male Nature Studies series. The first film, Rebirth, was produced in 2018 and is also distributed by Filmform. In these films, Nils Agdler examines alternative approaches to what is popularly called ”toxic masculinity”. In today’s...

Monster Dialectics

Monster Dialectics is an experimental essay film combining archival and original material. It explores how the personal trauma that architect Frank Lloyd Wright ingrained in his 1920’s LA buildings resurfaces through the many Hollywood films and shows that utilizes his architecture in their...

När Hades står i blom

“When Hades bursts with blooms” is the title of my film documentary/HD Video triptych, a collaboration with the Swedish punk icon Stry Terrarie Kanarie, the artist Carin Carlsson and the poet and writer Clemens Altgård. We will go on a journey from the beginning of punk, through...

Långsamt rör jag mig i din riktning

The film is a family chronicle of three generations. It is based on a secret that was recently revealed in the family and that has reshaped our understanding of who my grandmother was as a person. Through my grandmother’s story, which is told through the memories of her children, the film...


Registers is a film consisting of an animated sequence of photographs taken during a trip to Japan made by the artist in 2008. Images of transient and consumer spaces such as underpasses, viaducts, docks, stations and shopping malls are reassembled in an anachronistic narrative. The soundtrack...

Television Without Frontiers

Centering on a 1982 broadcasting experiment called Eurikon, an attempt to establish a European public service network, “Television Without Frontiers” enacts a multilingual television performance that shifts between past, future, and present.


The film starts with a sequence of static shots of the Chinese province of Chóngqìng: huge rocks, a waterfall, the peaks of a forest. The mysterious, 50-meter-high rocks called Qinglong (literally Azure-Dragon heart), are located in the department of Wulong, and are part of the...

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Petronella Petanders film The Haven visas som loop i vårens stora utställning "Ett hem" på Thielska Galleriet mellan 9 april–21 augusti.


Gunvor Nelson's SCHMEERGUNTZ will be installed in Haus der Kulturen der Welt's summer exhibition No Master Territories