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A few years ago, Johan Jönson released the acclaimed book “Efter arbetsschema” (After Work Schedule) through Bonniers publishing house. An extraordinary 800-page poetic self-confession, diary, and contemporary reflection. Since then, he has published two more poetry works, each...

The Swedish Troll Factory

Artists Nathalie Gabrielsson and Peter Sköld uncover a massive disinformation campaign against the Swedish welfare model that started in the 1970s. The campaign is unique in the world in its strategic structure and extensive scope.A small but powerful group that collectively owned the entire...

Casting Arnljot 1.1

In “Casting Arnljot”, four actors together with a casting agent try to identify who Arnljot Berg might have been based on limited material Lene Berg has given them. The actors share their impressions and test different ways of performing a monologue from the script “Barn og Fule...


Fengselsbrev is based on the correspondence between Arnljot Berg and his two youngest children while he was imprisoned in the notorious La Santé prison in Paris in 1975-1976 accused of having killed his third wife, Evelyne Zammit Berg, Lene Berg’s stepmother.


“That primal and refined social-aesthetic urges are inseparable is never more obvious than with the sexual contract. As Silvia Federici once argued, “We cannot go back to nature simply by taking off our clothes.” Kopfkino (literally “head cinema”) refers to those...

Ung Løs Gris

A hotel-room late at night: a young man is carried from the room unconscious on a stretcher. Awoman and a man remain in the room where all three of them obviously had spent some time together. Only then, when the ambulance attendants have left with the young man, do the other two realize that...

Sketches for Nietzsche's Laughter

An attempt to picture Friedrich Nietzsche laughing using very simple means.

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