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The video shows Tågteve (Train TV), an installation realized by My Lindh in 2012. Tågtevewas displayed along the railway between Stockholm and Uppsala (Sweden) in the summer of 2012. The installation turned the train window into a TV screen, and the bypassing landscape into a movie....

Nordiska panoraman, landskap No.2

Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No. 2, deals with the image of the Nordic landscape. The video shows a vast forest where the various layers move slowly in lateral directions, while the wind blows in the trees and the sun is lowered behind the treetops. The mighty landscape gives the impression of...


Procrastination is a pretty universal phenomenon. The possibility of instant satisfaction often appears far more attractive than some vague reward in the future. That is why many of us suddenly start to do the dishes, vacuum cleaning or tidying up the flat when we really should be preparing for...

Hekate Rising

In a pine forest loaded with mushrooms, an encounter with the goddess Hekate emerges. In a moonlit bed inspired by the moon scene in Les Amants by Louis Malle the meaning of a woman’s beauty is transformed. The only actor in the film is asleep, dreamed of, outdoors on a dreamy meadow. In an...

The Sunday Orchestra

In Jockum Nordström’s pencil animation constructed around a melody, four musicians wander about with their instruments, amongst houses and dreams.

Westafrican Roadmovie

In West African Roadmovie the viewer is brought along on an adventure in the style of a GoPro-travel documentary. The condensed timeline eliminates the travel distance that exists between the locations visited. Different blocks are merged together; a backstreet in Accra leads...

Cops Are Actors

Somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles, we meet four actors who portray the police profession, through narrative and staging.

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Several films by Gunvor Nelson will be screened at two occasions at the Austrian Film Museum


Image of a Traitor & Till den som bär mig will be screened in the International Competition of the 32th Stuttgarter Filmwinter


Filmform medverkar på Luleåbiennalen med ett curerat filmprogram med verk ur samlingen.