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In the ancient definition for the binary structure, chora defines the third part; the one that can not be precisely described. A space without a beginning, a refuter of binaries. It makes its own structure, its own meaning, without a pre-historical contexts.

Moms On Fire

An ordinary neighbourhood in an ordinary town. Two women sit on a sofa and scratch their pregnant bellies. Four days till the due date. The situation is as unbearable as it is unavoidable. It’s simply intolerable. Masturbation isn’t an option, the clitoris can’t even be reached,...


”I hate men, because they hate me. As an extension of Emma Pilipon’s work ‘Carmen’ I speak to the men, the boys, the guys, and the old bastards with their own words. In a repetitive vengeance I’m not listening, not asking for mercy and I do not explain. I don’t...

Again and Again We Ask These Questions

Again and Again We Ask These Question consists of a collection of questions used and asked repeatedly throughout the development of and within several lecture performances held by Hillside Projects. It takes into consideration and reaches out to all extinct and endangered species, cultures and...


Traces of Garden is a poetic relationship about colour, shapes, and movement. The pictures are based on recorded material with water, trees, landscapes, and a love scene. The images’ aesthetic is a kind of digital neo-impressionisms. A key area is, in fact, the time, the viewer’s...


While watching my footage from Morocco, I started playing atthe “Rear window”, making several “zooms” in one singletake filmed at the Square Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech. Littleby little, I began to discover thousands of stories in onesingle clip. The game and voyeurism...

Hard On

Secretly, she is filming everything. In a surreal apartment a cougar, a guest, a child and promises of a dog if the child plays along.

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Several Filmform titles will be presented by Martin Grennberger in his selection of nordic experimental film and video at the Message to Man International Film Festival.


Reconstruction of a rented cabin has been selected for competition as Best Nordic Short Film at Nordisk Panorama.


Interbeing by Martina Hoogland Ivanow will be presented in the programme Screen Touches Back at the International Film Festival Message to Man.