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Necropolis uses the imagery and history of the cities of the dead to try and understand the death of the city of the living. It began as a film portrait of Belfast, conceived after the financial crash of 2008. It asks us to unpick our binary thinking about death and the city: only once we do this...

Jag letar i ditt kök

About the failure. Maybe as a strategy. About the feeling of searching but not finding, and not even knowing what you are looking for. The kitchen as the heart.

Crying Skyscraper

Inspired by late-night drives through rainy cities.


Katarina Löfström’s video Downhill (2015) places cinematic mind-altering journeys in dialogue with the legacy of the sound-vision experiments of the avant-garde as well as with more contemporary forms of popular culture and modes of entertainment.

Little Star

This animation is based on so-called Girih tiles – ancient patterns mathematically designed to depict infinity.

A void

This work consists of visual components inspired by the relationship between different patterns from around the world, and their origins, also called entoptic phenomenon. This is a kind of feedback between the brain anf the retina that occurs in the optic nerve, which manifests itself in various...

skogen behöver, jag

In the video- and soundwork ‘skogen behöver, jag’ (forest needs, I), the utterances of the forest form an entryway to the act of listening as an acutely necessary practice of art, poetry and politics in contemporary times. Concrete sounds from the forest have taken new body...

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Flera verk ur Filmforms samling visas när filmföreningen Spegel firar Kortfilmsdagen den 21 december.


Under Kortfilmsdagen den 21 december presenterar Filmform ett snitt ur samlingen med både äldre och nyare verk i programmet Short~Love på Zita Folkets Bio.


Filmpgrogrammet Väderlekar: experimentfilm för barn i åldrarna 0-5 visas nu som loop på Västerås konstumuseum med start den 6 mars.