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Put your tongue into the mouthpiece and whisper in my ear admit to me the things you can't admit to yourself admit to me and no one else

The ventriloquist doll Annee is a tricky and evil figure and is mostly quite mean, just over and unrelated. The artist takes up various problems with herself but does not have a hearing from the doll, which usually enjoys the other way around.

You need her and you want her golden hair she sees you but she wont love you because she really doesn't care

Annee Olofsson “sleeps” in hes bed in her childhood room while her mother reads out loud from old love letters. Love letters (real handwritten letters) sent to Annee for many years. It is the first time that her mother sees and reads these letters – in this video a selection of...

Il Paradiso

The artist goes in a carousel made for children. The carousel consists of a number of carts depicting different things. In the pink pumpkin she goes as many turns as its then age (40 years – 40 turns). The rails are a curvy loop.

A Demons Desire

In 1976, the German heavy metal group, Scorpions, released their record ”Virgin Killer”. On the cover a 12-year old girl poses naked. The cover caused such strong reactions that it was exchanged for another in several countries. The image resurfaced in 2008 when the British Internet...


Tupamaros is a film about the tactics of the Uruguayan gerilla movement, shot shortly before its fall in 1972-73.


Agripino is about a peruvian native indian farmer who returns to his village after a visit in the capital of Lima to claim to the President Velasco the rights to earth, taken from the village by a landowner. The film won several main prizes at the Oberhausen filmfestival in 1977. 

Final Storage

The video Final Storage is a vision of the future in the form of a doomsday prophecy that questions the risks of the final disposal of depleted nuclear fuel in the bedrock. In a blinding pursuit of the good life, man has created an enormous problem that we are now trying to sweep under the...

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Chora by Emily Carlén will be screened as a loop in the exhibition Art of Sport at Copenhagen Contemporary


Sven Harrys konstmuseum anordnar en utställning i hyllning av Öyvind Fahlström.


Slap Happy i stor Annika von Hausswolff-retrospektiv på Moderna Museet, våren 2021