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Noventa y Tres

Noventa y Tres slides between reality and fiction; proceeding from a terrorist act aboard an airplane, it is reminiscent of a predictable Hollywood drama of the 9/11 tragedy. The scene is soon punctuated with scenes of Superman in flight and seminude flight attendants—one sloppily seducing...

Norma or Gene

Citizen Phoenix Kundalini makes a visit to GCC – “Genetic Control Center” – to order her first child… A vision about the consequences and possibilities of genetic manipulation.


In a mixture of animated images and scenes played by actors, a situation is presented, which immediately changes into another, repeating itself, with flashes from the past – “the subjective memory”, and of the future – “the illuminated imagination”, to finally...

The Haven

The Haven takes place in the communal laundry house, typical to Swedish housing complexes and a kind of frame of mind for ordinary life. The laundry house is not only a warm and temporary safe space, it is also a place where it is possible to be somebody else, for a couple of hours. In an...

Untitled Abisko

A photographer and her lover travel to Abisko in the north of Sweden in the summer of2020 to document the effects of the rising temperatures on the mountain landscape. Many years later, both the landscape and their love is long gone, and the world as they knew it lies under water after a natural...

Overflow Indication

Two artists fighting in an empty museum, while an off voice is giving a serious analysis in English, French or German. A video about what the artist wants to express and how the critic and public can interpret – or misinterpret – the work.


In Flairs we see a gathered group of soldiers in a shifting light from an emergency rocket. The rocket alternately hides, alternately exposes the troup that both blends in and emerges in sharp contour in the surrounding landscape. 

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Sophie Vuković's Mother's Milk and Åsa Cederqvist's Mama Dada Gaga will participate in VAFT 2020.


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