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In Stockholm-based artist and film maker Salad Hilowle’s commissioned film Sylwan, Astrid Lindgren’s famous story about Pippi Longstocking becomes a window to an overlooked side of Swedish history.


The animated video “The Quiet Game Starts Now” is a satire about the current escalation of self-absorption. Two women meet in a conversation, which from the start is a one-way communication, with one dominating party. After a while there is a shift in power and the silence grows...

Hasselblad Announcements (3)

Hasselblad Announcement (3) is a frantic attempt to enter into a close encounter with the viewer.

Hasselblad Announcements (2)

In Hasselblad Announcement (2) the viewer meets a character who, eyes closed and upside down, repeats a mantra at escalating speed: “ There is nothing behind me, there is no one in front of me”. This is a denial of the character ́s own physical position in the room,as well as of the...

Hasselblad Announcements (1)

In Hasselblad Announcement (1) the phrase “This is a still photograph” is pronounced simultaneously as the gesture of filming is performed. At one point the character finds herself stuttering, and the meaning of the pronounced phrase shifts.


The animation ”Virus” uses classic we and them rhetoric in a fast pace to reflect how opinions of alien contempt poisons, spreads and contaminates.


The animated video “Tilt” describes a deep relation that is abruptly broken up and as a result, the existing life is turned into ruin. The video is a contemplation of a human being’s inability to comprehend its own transience.

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Sven Harrys konstmuseum anordnar en utställning i hyllning av Öyvind Fahlström.


Slap Happy i stor Annika von Hausswolff-retrospektiv på Moderna Museet, våren 2021