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Angered Gardens

Angered Gardens is a valuable place, where integration is happening all by itself. A video on the invisible positive aspects of suburban life. On what the media never writes about.

Existential Errands

A choreography of sorts, involving a camera and a couple who are in the midst of their existential errands. Filmed at Heingeborgen in Skåne, Sweden, in the year 2000. The couple are author Sture Dahlström (voice and text) and his wife, painter Anna-Stina Ehrenfeldt. 


The film has been in the making during three years, the editing was done in close collaboration with filmmaker Gunvor Nelson who has been advising editor on the project. Filmed at the biggest sun power plant in Europe (Spain), Solstices closes in on never before filmed phenomena that occur mainly...

Without a Cause (Tomas)

“The first blow strikes. The belt screams and I cry out.”

Jinnah Cricket Club

A video Jesper Nordahl made in collaboration with a cricket team in Fittja, a suburb of Stockholm. The video is based on a series of interviews with team members, all of whom have come to Sweden from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. As a consequence of immigration, this British colonial...

Katunayake Free Trade Zone

Katunayake Free Trade Zone is an aerial recording of the first free trade zone in Sri Lanka. The free trade zones were part of the structural adjustment policies introduced by the World Bank and the IMF in Sri Lanka in 1978. The video is part of a series of works conducted by the artist on the...

The t.A.T.u project

The video The t.A.T.u. project investigates the social and political significance of the Russian pop-duo t.A.T.u. The video mixes footage from concerts, interviews and back stage with the singers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, the former international promoter Martin Martan and others.

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