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After Thought

After Thought is a film poem, shot on a clockwork Bolex 16mm camera on Fårö, in Gothenburg, and in Grimeton, in 2018 and 2019. The soundtrack was recorded on Fårö and in Gothenburg.


Hampus and Olivia, former Ex on the beach-participants and influencers, struggle to maintain their work and relationship in Norrköping, Sweden. Director Kim Ekberg struggled a long time to finance the short film about his brother Hampus and his girlfriend. Unfortunately the couple break up...


RE:Wilding is a joint production of Berlin based composer Ying Wang and Stockholm based filmmaker Wolfgang Lehmann. The music is performed by ensemble reflektor, conducted by Bar Avni.


During a period of two years we examined the Umeå river delta area in northern Sweden. This area is interesting because the landscape changes very quickly. During the ice age the land was pressed down and it is now rising back up with a speed of 1 cm/year which doesn’t maybe sound...

An Image of What You See

An Image of What You See is a film about a film. A filmmaker tells via a voiceover about a film she is working on which is about a woman, A, who lives in Hong Kong and loses her eyesight in an accident. The accident itself is not shown in the film, because what happens is not important....

Question no1: What Happens When You're In Love And Not Loved Back?

An artificial agony aunt answers the question ”What happens when you’re in love and not loved back?”.

700-800 grader

A visit to a crematorium where we are invited to follow the process and learn about the technical part behind it.

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Loopad filmvisning på utställningen Mother Courage and Her Children


Parallella linjer av Gittan Jönsson visas på Eskilstuna Konstmuseum i utställningen We are all astronauts on a space-ship called earth


11 verk ur filmforms distributionskatalog visas på Kalmar Konstmuseum