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QM at NK (A Queen of Mud Action)
Ann-Sofi Sidén

QM visits the NK department store, hoping that a perfume might bring back lost or repressed memories. Scents have an uncanny ability to transport people through time and space. The visit takes time in the narrow time frame available before Professor Johnsson will send her into outer space in order to mediate the human experience…

“[QM was] seen in the perfume department at NK in Stockholm. Naked except for where the mud covered her body, QM went to the counter, asked for a Chanel perfume, and stuck out her muddy arm to test it. There is something very touching about the picture, of this monster who steps into a haven of cleanliness only to be quickly thrown out by ABAB security guards.” –Milou Allerholm

Keywords Performance, Feminism, Body
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Hi8
Duration 00:04:27
Language English
Color Color
Year 1989
Latest screening Sep 12, 2023
Sep 24, 2022
Feb 22, 2021
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About the artist

Ann-Sofi Sidén

Born in 1962, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ann-Sofi Sidén long been recognized as a leading figure on the international art scene. In the last few years there have been major exhibitions of her work at Hayward Gallery in London, at Musée d’Art Moderna de la Ville de Paris and at the Secession in Vienna. The new exhibition at Moderna Museet includes several of her most important works and represents the largest presentation of her art to date.

Dealing with such issues as vulnerability, control, violence and surveillance, Ann-Sofi Sidén unravels some of the threads of the human psyche’s history. Her method is a suggestive mixture of journalism, feature film and scientific research that takes form in sculptural installations or in spatial video works. The dominant feeling is often one of being caught in a system – political, economic or social – or of realizing that one is somewhere in between systems.