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The ocean
Camilla Bergqvist

Rhodins famous sculpture ‘the Thinker’ leaves a lot open for interpretation. Sitting with his head in his hand, deep in thought, and screened off from the outer world he resembles Robinson Crusoe, whose ship has been wrecked, and now has been stranded in a deserted place.

To place the Thinker in an eternal desert is a metaphor for the state of mind that has been attributed to him. Thoughts that are strained out, as if he had mental constipation. Thoughts that take shape of clouds and fill the sky above the dry desert. Are these thoughts that lead to new insights or is he pondering without result?

In Defoe’s book, Robinson finds a friend in a parrot. In The ocean a colorful parrot sits in the tree of knowledge, which grows in a luxuriant garden. The parrot flies away from its branch and meets the Thinker above the clouds. It lands on the Thinker’s shoulder. Is it a messenger of insight or knowledge from the tree of knowledge? Is he coming to give the Thinker company and a comforting pat on the shoulder? Possibly a foreboding that help is on its way, a ship is in sight?

By letting these well-known characters and surroundings meet in a new constellation and present the characteristics that have previously been ascribed these characters, I wanted to create a new narration. They are captured in a logic of their own that amuses me and that addresses questions about our structures and our learned opinions. The music is familiar regardless of whether you know the composer or not. It is Bach’s Air. The music is played a little slower (slow-motion) than the original in the sequence with the Thinker, which is to create a note of melancholy or inertia. Contrary to the thinker sequence the music is played faster than the original when the picture is moved to the tree of knowledge, which is to create a more happy atmosphere.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format
Duration 00:02:30
Color Color
Year 2000
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