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Nära ögat
PO Ultvedt

In the animation Nära ögat, which has a graphically distinct style, a battle is being fought between good and evil, black and white, large and small. Beneath the superficially playful sequences an incomprehensible dramatic tension is building up.

Keywords Experimental, Animation, Music, Abstract
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic film
Duration 00:04:00
Language No dialogue
Color BW
Year 1958
In text Nära ögat
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About the artist

PO Ultvedt

Born in 1927. Artist, professor at the Royal University College of Fine Arts 1968-78. After he studied painting at the Royal University College of Fine arts, an encounter with Tinguelys mobile sculptures in 1955 fuelled Ultvedts interest in mobiles. He constructs mechanic sculptures and raised patterns in painted wood where the movement travels through the composition via driving-wheels and straps. The sculptures often have a human connection: the movement becomes a awkward, humorous gesture with a touch of Chaplinesque melancholy. The film ‘Nära ögat’ is a visual game with graphic forms in black and white.