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Theresa Traore Dahlberg

Microcement – a poetic depiction of the daily work at Cementa in Degerhamn on Öland, where large parts of the production were recently moved to Gotland, meaning the majority of the employees lost their jobs. The film focuses on the seven people who remain, keeping production on a small scale going. While operations were being cut back in Degerhamn, a new cement factory opened in Burkina Faso. A flight over the area shows an industrial estate interchangeable with its Swedish counterpart.

Prod. format
Duration 00:23:35
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2021
Latest screening May 27, 2023
May 22, 2023
Sep 15, 2023
Dec 17, 2022
Feb 18, 2022
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About the artist

Theresa Traore Dahlberg

Born 1983. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Theresa Traore Dahlberg is a visual artist and filmmaker who formulates and mediates engaging complex, narratives through sculpture, photography, and film. Her films narrate stories in the expanded field of documentary including themes such as representation of the other, by questioning how individuals, events and places are perceived, interpreted and understood. The artist finds her working material in everyday life, encounters with people from different places play an important role.

Traore Dahlberg’s sculptural works often take a point of departure in the material itself, as a physical material and as a container of histories, ideas, and notions. The artist pays attention to production, working conditions, workers’ identities and fates of life, creating art that reflects the complexity of class, women’s roles, and post-colonialism. Traore Dahlberg draws from her own experiences of being anchored in two political and social cultures, Sweden and Burkina Faso.