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En bra vecka för demokratin
Cecilia Björk

A point of pride of Swedish democracy since 1968, the political festival Almedalen keeps getting bigger every summer. Shot here over the course of three years, A Good Week for Democracy follows politicians, lobbyists and journalists at different stages in their careers, with different degrees of power, as they navigate the game rules of democracy. The film is a study of how politics is performed in a society where media attention is hard currency.

English title A Good Week for Democracy
Keywords Documentary
Aspect ratio 1,85:1
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 01:15:00
Color Color
Year 2018
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About the artist

Cecilia Björk

Cecilia Björk was born in 1981 in Härnösand in the north of Sweden. In her films she wants to examine places where power is concentrated. She has previously worked within communications and media, as well as with casting and as an adviser on several Plattform Produktion projects, most notably Ten Meter Tower.

Her previous short documentary ‘Blessed’ studies how faith becomes manifest at a Christian summer camp, and premiered at the Göteborg Film Festival in 2014. A Good Week for Democracy is her first feature.