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Det var en tid då allt var möjligt – All makt åt fantasin!
Mats Eriksson Dunér

‘It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination!’ is produced in the form of a witness seminar about the activity center Gamla Bro. The voices in the film are based on conversations, e-mail exchanges and leaflets that have subsequently been fused into a collective narrative. In the film, we hear activists, visitors, and staff talking about the struggle it took to establish an alternative social center in Stockholm in the late sixties.

The film tells of the difficulties that arose during general meetings and in the face of a rigid and controlling bureaucracy. The activists’ passion and utopian-romantic ideology were gradually broken down as another reality asserted itself, while the house became filled with older alcoholics, homeless people and drug addicts.

It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination! is based on over three hours of super-8 films made by the Gamla Bro film group as well as news material from the SVT (Swedish public service broadcaster) archives. The film was produced as part of the artistic research of Malmö Art Academy with financial support from Iaspis (Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists) and the Stockholm Guild.

It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination! is also accessible as part of a film installation together with the two archive films; Them. A film about those who should be scattered in groups of twos (1971) and Bubben was here – a film by the people at Gamla Bro (1971). These two films are part of my researched archival material and in which parts are later used in It was a time when everything was possible – All power to the Imagination!. In the film installation, these archive films are shown on smaller square monitors with connecting headphones. 

English title It Was a Time When Everything Was Possible – All Power to the Imagination!
Keywords Documentary
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic HD-video & 8mm super
Duration 01:00:00
Color BW
Sound Stereo
Year 2014
Latest screening Oct 6, 2022
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About the artist

Mats Eriksson Dunér

Born in 1967 in Malmö, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Mats Eriksson Dunér is an artist and researcher with a Fil Lic from Malmö Art Academy/Lund University in 2015. His work has moved from photographic surveys to cinematic practice and installation-based work. In his work, Eriksson Dunér is interested in collective groups working for new common places within the city. From the ideas of activity centers in the sixties, the group Action Conversation (about civic dialogues) and to the alternative Trailer park “The Office” in contemporary Sweden. In his investigation, he is also interested in the told experiences, and the relationship between the collective and the private. Eriksson Dunér received his master’s degree at Malmö Art Academy in 1998, with an additional year at the Glasgow School of Art.

His work has been presented in solo-exhibitions at Gallery 54 in Gothenburg (2017), Kulturhuset in Stockholm (2015) and Kristianstad Konsthall. His work has also been shown in group exhibitions and biennials such as “The free play” at Västerås Art Museum (2017) and Malmö Photo Biennale (2017).