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Mass - Monument for a Capitalist Society
Åsa Sjöström

Mass was made during Sjöström’s years at the film department of the Royal College of Art, in cooperation with the London Filmmaker’s Co-op. Random or staged shots of people and settings in urban London are arranged and abstracted, double-exposed and solarized. The result is a dense texture filled with layers and associative dimensions.

Mass is a film attempting to convey, by strictly filmic means, the cooped-up feeling of the individual in the grey mass of the city. The absurd concrete city landscape is visualized through the unspoilt and naked eye of the camera in a concentrated mosaic of images and sound. 

Keywords Experimental, Architecture
Aspect ratio 1,33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic film
Duration 00:14:00
Language No dialogue
Color BW
Year 1976
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About the artist

Åsa Sjöström

Born in 1947. Studied Art, Art-History and Social Anthropology. Film degree from the Royal College of Art, London.