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2020 October 14, 2020



Combined digital & physical screening on October 14th, 7PM CEST

In the third part of FILMFORM RE:VIEW this fall we find the curator, art critic and editor Power Ekroth. With the emerging presidential election in the U.S. and surreal feelings towards the current state of affairs as her starting point, Ekroth has found works that both reflects these notions of unease and offers methods of resistance.

This programme is shown as a physical screening at Filmform on Svarvargatan 2 (Stockholm, Sweden) and simultaneously live streamed at the Filmform website.

Livestream here on October 14th at 7PM (CEST)

Nixon Visions


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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic special restrictions apply for those who wish to attend the physical screening. Admission is reduced to a maximum of 12 people. The ticket price is 40 kr. You book a ticket by RSVPing to after which you will receive information about the different payment options and confirmation. First come, first served. We urge those who experience even the slightest symptoms to stay at home and enjoy the live streamed version of the screening.

The Election Selection – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

About four years ago, just after the last presidential election in the USA, I had to press pause on my intake of world news. I felt unable to cope with things as they were as I failed to see how I could make a change. How to re-organize within this particularly warped structure that we live in?

Four years later, I am again following the news-feed, however the question still remains. The notion of “plus ça change…” (the more things change, the more they stay the same) lingers, which has affected the selection of the films from the Filmform archive. The program proposes a reflection of a tangible system to which there might be a possibility of modifications.

The starting point is the legendary Kjartan Slettemark, who undoubtedly would have done a brilliant “sewage treatment”/exorcism with the current president of the USA. The program continues through commentaries of the various state of affairs, and arrive at Hanni Kamaly and Åsa Sjöström’s investigations of dehumanization in various categories, before Anna-Karin Rasmusson (dis)organize the internal archive for us at the very end. At the Filmform space, Runo Lagamarsino’s protester runs as a backdrop continuously.

– Power Ekroth

Power Ekroth is an independent curator and critic based in Stockholm and Berlin. The screening is arranged with support from Stockholms Stad. Filmform is supported by the Ministry of Culture through the Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council.

Works distributed by Filmform


Histories That Nothing Are

Runo Lagomarsino

2003, 00:04:40


Nixon Visions

Hans (Esse Li) Esselius & Kjartan Slettemark

1971, 00:04:00


Killing time - världspolitisk avloppsrensning

Kjartan Slettemark

2004, 00:05:40


Rodney King

Erik Pauser & Johan Söderberg

1995, 00:04:03


No time to fall

Maria Friberg

2001, 00:05:43



Mårten Nilsson

2001, 00:01:45



Hanni Kamaly

2017, 00:17:40


Mass - Monument for a Capitalist Society

Åsa Sjöström

1976, 00:14:00


Jag letar i ditt kök

Anna-Karin Rasmusson

2019, 00:07:06