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Björn Olsson

The film The Seconds consists of 365 still photographs transferred to 40min, 35mm, HD muted film. At 18.30 pm on the 6th July in the year 2004 the first exposure was executed on a selected site in Pålsjö forest situated in Helsingborg. In the project, the light of 365 days of one year has been measured at one specific site in Pålsjö forest by means of an analogue still-photography camera. An exposure has been executed at exactly 18.30 pm during the period of one whole year.

The Seconds contains both objective scientific investigation as well as subjective experience. Using a physical positioning of the body within nature an attempt was made to achieve a comprehensive view of the shifting transience of light as the earth revolves over a year. The mechanical sketch is based on the 365 daysʼ exposure values which were structured around the center of a grid containing 365 sections/lines where each second corresponds to 1 mm. The longest day measured 2327 mm/sec and the shortest day 0,03 mm/sec. The sketch describes the shape of our orbit as it is expressed in the exposure values. The diary is based on observations of and reflections upon the site which were retrieved from notes made during the project. The book The Seconds contains the 365 still-photographs along with accompanying notes and a description of the project.

The project was completed in 2007 with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

English title The Seconds
Keywords Nature
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format 35mm
Duration 00:39:54
Language No dialogue
Color Color
Year 2007
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