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In Character
Saskia Holmkvist

In Character takes its departure in methodical similarities used in interview techniques by linking a job recruitment and a cross examination at the police. To start off with, the actors broach a central theme on its meta-level that forms part of the communication structures and strategies of the talks. By means of a fluent changing of roles within the individual conversations, the protagonists modify their strategies and positions, unexpectedly generating new interactions in the process. The work raises questions relating to the fine line between dialogue and the demonstration of power that may occur in both the private and political levels.

The films In Character and Role Control are linked, but they can also be screened separately. 

Keywords Characters
Aspect ratio 1,78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:09:40
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2008
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About the artist

Saskia Holmkvist

Born in 1971. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Saskia Holmkvist work hovers between the language of fiction and documentary in an attempt to get hold of the apparent reality that is being presented to us. By looking at the construction of what we perceive as true, credible, authentic or entertaining Saskia Holmkvist wants to investigate the constituent parts of what builds up trustworthiness. She turns herself directly towards the experience of the viewer and in many of her works one is invited to reveal a case. The work with text plays a central role in her work. Even so does the work with the different characteristics of genres. This is clearest in the films Interview with Saskia Holmkvist 2005 and Eight Martini 2004.