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Noemi Sjöberg

This video was created out of a surprise incident. The artist witnessed a snowball fight and captured it. Iran is a country ruled by an oppressive government, where people live under constant pressure. There is a large divide between private and public life. Sjöberg filmed the scene and a paradoxical situation was created between: between the image that I had as a westerner of Iran and the reality that I experienced. Editing the video I wanted to accentuate the dualism of war – game. The West always shows a negative image of Islamic countries. How many manipulated pictures have we not seen from part of the world? Most images portray war and armed conflicts. They exist, but there are also other images, unpublished in the West.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:05:11
Language No dialogue
Color BW
Year 2005
Latest screening Mar 6, 2020
May 11, 2019
Feb 24, 2008
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About the artist

Noemi Sjöberg

Noemi Sjöberg’s artistic core centers on the transformation of reality, the evolving human condition, and the impact of travel. Having worked in diverse locations like Japan, Iran, the United States, Egypt, India, China, and Mongolia, her approach to travel transcends exoticism, fostering a state of mind that sharpens her senses and encourages a closer examination of the world. Her works, showcased at prestigious venues including IFFR Rotterdam, Rooftop Films NYC, Kassel, Flux, Oberhausen, MACRO Roma, Färgfabriken, and La Panera, underscore her global footprint. In 2019, she contributed the permanent piece “Plongeon” to Paris, and in 2021, spent six months in La Réunion, creating two works addressing women and migration.