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2008 February 24, 2008

Filmform presents Out of Place

Details from the future, Joanna Lombard

Many people’s daily lives are characterized by a constant search for identity and sense of belonging. This programme focuses on video works where the feeling of being an outsider is prominent and where the human search for belonging is palpable, whether it concerns family members, or the question of one’s own identity. The contributors all have something in common, they depict other cultures than the Swedish one and look at Sweden from a different point of view.

The title is taken from Edward W. Said’s memoir “Out of Place”.
”Nationality, background, real origins and past actions all seemed to be sources of my problem; I could not in any convenient way lay the ghosts that continued to haunt me from school to school, group to group, situation to situation.”
“To me, nothing more painful and paradoxically sought after characterizes my life than the many displacements from countries, cities, abodes, languages, environments that have kept me in motion for many years”
“It was also at this point I felt that coming from a part of the world that seemed to be in a chaotic transformation became the symbol of what was out of place about me.”

Thanks to Camilla Bauer for translation and recommending “Out of Place”. And The Cinematheque

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Total length is 70 minutes. All the titles will be screened on DV. Curated by Anna Linder.


Mission Impossible

Dorinel Marc

1997, 00:02:40


Details from the Future

Joanna Lombard

2007, 00:04:13


I’ll be you if you’ll be me - The Swimmer

Åsa Elzén & Markus Wetzel

2007, 00:03:40


Hennes liv

Paula Urbano

2008, 00:11:55


When Will It Hit Me?

Sean Rogg

2001, 00:13:00



Noemi Sjöberg

2005, 00:05:11


Notion of Conflict, Dance of the Piñata

Runo Lagomarsino

2004, 00:03:14


Man’s World

Felice Hapetzeder

2006, 00:09:00


Ottica Zero

Maja Ray Borg

2007, 00:13:00