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Light Years: Gunvor Nelson

Light Years

Omslag "Light Years"

A boxset containing a DVD with 4 films by Gunvor Nelson and a 125 page booklet by Julie Savelli.

Films included:
FOG PUMA 1967, 16 mm, color, 23 min (Nelson/Wiley)
FRAME LINE 1983-2014, 16 mm, B/W, 22 min
LIGHT YEARS 1987, 16 mm, color, 25 min
BEFORE NEED REDRESSED 1994, 16 mm, color, 40 min (Nelson/Wiley)

The Swedish-American artist Gunvor Nelson figures among the most important experimental filmmakers of her generation. Her work considerably influenced the New American Cinema at the end of the 1960s, as much by its themes (women, the body, memory, dreams) as by its formal investigations (animation, collage, found footage). The films and the essay contained in this box set reflect a half-century of evolution in media and technique. From her first experimental films made in California to her more recent Swedish films and video, material fictions joyously exalt in a fireworks of sensations.

Includes a 124-page book of interviews and critical articles by Julie Savelli, lecturer in film studies at the University of Montpellier.