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2018 November 23, 2018

The Honor of Work at STDH

Det är sexigt att betala skatt, Eva Linder

The Honor of Work will be presented at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (STDH) on November 23th.The programme is curated by Nils Claesson.

Titles distributed by Filmform


Project for a Revolution

Johanna Billing

2000, 00:03:11


Bodies of Society

Klara Liden

2006, 00:05:00


A Ruda Roadmovie

Marie Obbel Bondeson

2002, 00:08:19


Det är sexigt att betala skatt

Eva Linder

2005, 00:10:40


Det viktigaste nu är att må dåligt

Björn Perborg

2018, 00:04:34

The honor of work

The subject for the evening is the honor of work, in Swedish Arbetets ära. The title is taken from a monument over the working class in Malmö created by artist Axel Ebbe in 1929. The sculpture group is placed on Möllevångstorget, Malmö and depicts naked bodies carrying a rock in their bare arms. The industrial skyline of Malmö is also depicted on the massive stone. The whole society rests on the shoulders of the working class. That is the honor of work and the workers. But how does this honor look today? In a near future where machines are doing work, together with artificial intelligence, what will happen with the work and the honor? Are we left with the degradation of manual work, where the dirty jobs are managed by underpaid labor living under poor conditions, and on the other hand the magical artistic work? Will machines and artificial intelligence also dream and feel honor and pride? And why must people who have a job work themselves to the point of death? Do we have a Swedish form of the Japanese phenomenon Karōshi (Japanese= death by overwork) or a local variant of the Soviet Stakhanovism? A Lutheran Stakhanovism?

Guest: artist and writer Dmitri Plax
Curator: Nils Claesson

WORKAWORK is a multidisciplinary artistic research project supported by Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish research Council) and managed by The Royal Institute of Art.

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