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2017 August 25, 2017

Screening with Oleg Tcherny

Turbidus Film #22, Magasinet Walden and Filmform presents Oleg Tcherny (by) at Filmform. To take part of this free event you have to be on the list. Please sign up here (limited number of seats):

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Oleg Tcherny has been making films and videos since the 1990s. In his more recent work, influenced by Giorgio Agamben, he suspends the progression of images through a process of vertical editing. Usually shot in HD, his videos sound out the thickness of time, pushing the boundaries of visual, auditory, and conceptual abstraction. Tcherny has studied cinema in the editing room with Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet; he was an assistant to the filmmaker Daniel Schmid.

His films have been shown in a number of international festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, Viennale, and Biennale di Venezia.

Introduction and q&a with the filmmaker Oleg Tcherny.

La Proiezione é Cominciata
2007, 35mm to digital file, color, sound, italian with english subtitles, 7’00

This Is the Paradigm of the Worst Possible Film
2014, hd, color, sound, english, 9’00

Without Musical Accompaniment
2014, hd, color, sound, english, 6’00

L’après-midi près du tombeau de falconetti
2012, hd, color, sound, french with english subtitles, 10’00

Chez Jean-Claude Rousseau
2017, hd, color, sound 12’00

Flashback Legion
2016, hd, color, sound, 18’00

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