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2019 September 17, 2019

Nordic programme at Message to Man

Sketches - Coca Nr 1, Olle Hedman

Martin Grennberger will be presenting his selection of nordic experimental film and video at the Message to Man International Film Festival on September 17th. The programme curated by Grennberger is called Chromatism, pulsation and the empty screen, and includes several works from the Filmform collection.

Chromatism, pulsation and the empty screen

Experimental film has always been (self-)occupied with reflecting upon its own modes of production and the material constituents of analog film to inquire the specificity and singular aesthetical achievements of celluloid film in a myriad of ways: from emphasizing the grain’s texture, the specific color of a certain filmstock and experimenting with the filmic apparatus and machinery, to the projection as an unique event. This porous program wants to be just that; offering a wide range of possible entrances, different and differentiating approaches to the used material, both photochemical and videographic, gathered and composed around the notion of chromatism and color experiments, of the moving image as pure pulsation and vibration, and lastly, asking, could there even be such a thing as an empty screen?​

Titles distributed by Filmform


Cine-scope (excerpt)

Alexander Gutke

2008, 00:04:33


Graders ökning

Christine Ödlund

2003, 00:04:13



Lina Selander

2000, 00:06:30


Coca nr 1

Olle Hedman

1979, 00:00:36


Study in Optical Rhythm

Björn Lüning

1953, 00:06:00

Additional titles in the programme:

Film No. 9, Olle Hedman & Nina Jouchims, 2 min
Spindrift, Jan Bark & Erkki Kurenniemi, 1966, 15 min
Kinetic Pictures, Eino Ruutsalo, 1962, 5 min
Two Chickens, Eino Ruutsalo, 1963, 4 min
Is this the world of Teddy?, Eino Ruutsalo, 1969, 10 min
Man and Scinece, Mika Taanila, 2011, 1 min
Branches, Mika Taanila, 2017, 6 min
Herning 1965, Jens Jørgen Thorsen, 1966, 10 min

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