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2022 November 18, 2022

Monster Dialectics at Kasseler Dok Fest

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At 12 am between Friday and Saturday November 18th-19th will Monster Dialectics by Emanuel Röhss be screened at Kasseler Dok Fest. The film will be a part of the programme The Walls Have Goose Bumps (Die Wände haben Gänsehaut) with a duration of around 60 minutes. Röhss’ Monster Dialectics is the first to be shown out of six short films displayed in the programme, with a duration of 12 min. The screening will take place at Bali-Kinos, KulturBahnhof Kassel.

The Kasseler Dok festival-dates are between the 15th to 20th November. (With exception of the Online screenings that will continue to the 27th).

Works distributed by Filmform

Monster Dialectics

Emanuel Röhss

2021, 00:12:08

The Walls Have Goose Bumps

“Does anyone besides me care what’s behind that door?” This sentence of dialogue from the horror film “Cube” (1997), quoted in “Homesick”, describes the excitement of this midnight program that opens doors inwards and outwards with eerie forebodings. Is it safe inside, or does danger loom in the basement? Is the flight outside successful, or is the virus already waiting? The door opens to a haunted house notorious from many Hollywood movies. In the cellar, many odd creatures converse in movie quotes. A student commune trails a domestic knock. Out in the magic forest, two queens wage war. And a hunter brings danger back into the house with his prey. Architectural thrill, domestic horror, the fears are worse than reality, the night changes the sense of space and time. Let’s better stay inside, in the cinema.

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