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2003 February 14, 2003


Seminar on documentary film and art

More and more artists use documentary material and documentary aesthetics in their works. Within documentary film making it has, simultaneously, become more common that the film maker’s subjective point of view is expressed. “Is reality really relevant?” asks which road artists and film makers will choose in the future, at a time when reality is in fashion and docu- has become a favourite prefix. What responsibility have the film makers got towards those who are depicted? Is reality relevant without an interpreting subject? How do the film makers and artists view their own position in their own works? How does the viewer relate to what is portrayed?

The seminar invites international film makers, artists and theorists to presentations and talks about artistry and the documentary.

The seminar is held:
Friday 14 February 1-7 pm
Saturday 15 February 10 am – 01 am
(Saturday from 7 pm: dinner, bar and mingle)

How to apply:
Send an e-mail to and state your name and telephone number 6 February the latest.
N.B. Limited number of seats.

For more information please call: 08-645 29 40

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