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2014 January 24, 2014

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014

Filmform presents two films and participate in an annual meeting with the international network DINAMO.

The international distributor network DINAMO (Distribution Network of Artist’s Moving Image Organizations) meet in an annual meeting to discuss current issues. This year, among other issues, digital distribution and distribution polices will be discussed.

Survival Strategies
DINAMO program at the cinema Lantaren/Venste, January 26 at 7.45 p.m

2011 12 30

Leontine Arvidsson

2013, 00:02:53

International program
Cinema Lantaren/Venster, January 24 and and 26 January at 10 p.m.

Me Seal, Baby

Joanna Rytel

2013, 00:14:30