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2005 February 24, 2005


The honorary award is presented in connection to Filmform’s first screening at Cinemateket Stockholm 2005.

Since 1995, Filmform has presented an annual honorary award to video artists or filmmakers. The prize goes to a person who has distinguished him or herself in the domain of experimental film or video art. Cecilia Lundqvist receives Filmform’s honorary award 2004 because of the focused way she has developed her artistry.

The films screened are:
Crime by Antonie Frank, Take Off by Gunvor Nelson, Coca Strip by Olle Hedman, Exit by Magnus Wallin, Head Lake Piss Down and Head Gallery Piss Up by Ann-Sofi Sidén, Until by Petra Lindholm, Nixon Visions by Kjartan Slettemark and Hans Esselius, C and Power Play by Cecilia Lundqvist. Total length: approx. 70 minutes. The programme content may be subject to change.

Cecilia started out with painting, but now works foremost with video and animation. She manages to treat difficult subjects, often from a personal, feminist perspective with a sharp sense of humour. Her artistic expression stretches from the play with simplified, raw lines, in Disco for instance from 1997, to the use of the animation media in a more sophisticated way, as in Emblem from 2001. Cecilia’s video works are shown frequently worldwide and has received recognition in the art and film world alike.

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