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2006 October 11, 2006

Hit The North – No Longer The Same Place

Selection made by Anna Linder, producer, and Gunnel Pettersson, member of the Filmform board.

If you speak about borders, such as Europe, it invites reflections on that outside of the border, or moving on it. The selection presents films investigating actual and constructed borders. Journeys are made to geographical places, inner landscapes through worlds of emotions.

Khaled D. Ramadan dedicates his film to the people trapped in the identities of their countries of origin, Lina Selander shows a landscape filmed during two nocturnal journeys, where the extension in time is reduced and only a meditative surface remains. In Reported Missing, feelings of loss arise after what is left behind, while Andrea Lange intensifies the movement in time and space before the departure. Mai Hofstad Gunnes dismantles the symbols of the city and the nation, and constructs a fictitious prophecy. Jesper Fabricius uses sites under construction as a starting point, the Icelandic landscape and construction sites, and develops a poetry of images within cinematographical language. Spoon Jackson transgresses the borders of the prison walls with the help of poetry.

Length of program: 63 min

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