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2021 October 20, 2021

FILMFORM RE:VIEW – Malin Wahlberg

Sophie Vuković, Untitled Abisko, 2020

Combined digital & physical screening on October 20th, 7PM CEST

In the second edition of FILMFORM RE:VIEW, film scholar Malin Wahlberg has tracked several documentary fictions within the Filmform collection. Through the prism of the French philosopher Jacques Rancière’s term, documentary fiction, five portrait emerge in an area of tension between the imaginary and the concrete – with enactments as a truth seeking artistic method. FILMFORM RE:VIEW is a format where external professionals and organizations from spheres of culture or research are invited to botanize in Filmform’s collection. Starting off from their specific areas of interest and questions a film programme is curated and thereafter presented as an open screening at Filmform.

This programme is shown as a physical screening at Filmform on Svarvargatan 2 (Stockholm, Sweden) and simultaneously live streamed at the Filmform website.

PHYSICAL SCREENING: The ticket price is 50 SEK. You book a ticket by RSVPing to after which you will receive information about the different payment options and confirmation. First come, first served. We urge those who experience even the slightest symptoms to stay at home and enjoy the live streamed version of the screening.

Works distributed by Filmform


Ambassadörens fru

Theresa Traore Dahlberg

2018, 00:18:00


...nästan som en i familjen

Astrid Göransson

2007, 00:09:51



Tova Mozard

2019, 00:18:30


Untitled Abisko

Sophie Vuković

2020, 00:19:20

More distributed works in the programme:

Jag minns Lena Svedberg, Carl Johan De Geer, 2000, 6 min

Documentary Fictions

Five portraits of people and haunted places, invoked cinematographically in the present, in the past, or in the not so promising (imaginary?) future of our planet. As viewers we are enrolled in enactments where the making of the film is also partly its motif. These artists find unique ways to direct their attention at the possible dreams and desires awaken by the intensity of time passing, of touch, or the presence of absence invoked by photographic traces. However, the search at hand is never disconnected from the complexity of the world, and the conditions and predominant power relations of social and cultural life. Documentary fiction is a notion borrowed from the philosopher Jacques Rancière, who argues that memory cannot be separated from imagination, that “memory is the work [oeuvre] of fiction”. In contrast to the popular conception of “fiction” meaning “pretty story or evil lie”, the original Latin term fingere doesn’t mean “to feign” but “to forge”.

– Malin Wahlberg

Malin Wahlberg is a Professor in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University. The screening is arranged with support from Stockholms Stad. Filmform is supported by the Ministry of Culture through the Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council