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2007 September 30, 2007

Filmform Presents Nature Films

What about Nature? What is actually happening? What are we human beings doing? Will we be punished for our egoistic exploitation of Nature (the environment)? Has the world we live in, and depend upon, had enough? Will it retaliate against years of abuse? In Filmform’s first Nature programme human beings are in focus, for better of for worse.

The trio Heilborn, Nilsson and Kim Hiorthøy bring matters to a head in their film “Hur man gör” (What You Do). They leave us with questions whether humans are quite right in the head. Is everything a game and why was the film made in the first place? Timo Menke’s and Nils Aglder’s Fugitives from the Field displays a more serious aspect of the matter. The film is about people who have developed electro-hypersensitivity and have had to escape from urban life to live as close to nature as possible. The Hunter and the Dog are main characters in Henry Coombe’s mad “Laddy and the Lady” and in the final video “Scream” by High Heel Sisters we hear a roar of frustration from the top of a mountain hill.

Tickets can be purchased at the desk at Sture. If you choose to become a member of Cinemateket, the screening is free of charge/you get in for free.

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