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2005 November 11, 2005


Filmform proudly presents six films by six artists at the Tempo Documentary Festival.Video and the moving image are vital components in contemporary art, in Sweden as well as internationally. Many artists employ documentary material and methods, either as a way to investigate memory and the concept of truth, or to create unsettling interpretations of reality. Often, they expose themselves or friends in the process.

Is it important to separate between visual artists and professional film makers? No, but it might be interesting to discern currents and trends in how artists from different traditions approach moving images in general, and documentary material in particular. Some visual artists may even claim that they do not make documentaries per se, since they work within an art context.

Guided Tour by Magdalena Dziurlikowska, Donna can’t speak in tongues by Carl Johan Erikson, Mother & Daughter by Evelina Gustavsson, Interview with Saskia Holmkvist by Saskia Holmqvist, 4play by Arijana Kajfes och Hotel Wenzel by Marit Lindberg.

The six films in this program all reflect contemporary life from a personal perspective. They create an ambiguity between the documentary and the fictional, while examining the limits of the documentary as a genre.

The program was curated by Anna-Karin Larsson and Anna Linder, producers at The Filmform Foundation, in collaboration with board members Magdalena Malm and Richard Julin.

Total length 54 min

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