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2004 December 4, 2004

FILM FYLKINGEN – Six hours of film, video, installations, bar and film sale

FILM FYLKINGEN is back for the fifth time; now with focus on performance, documentary and Finns.

We will screen the short film about High Heel Sisters and Thank you by The Icelandic Love Corporation as well as the debut film The Drive North by Tess Ernst (US) and Finnish “porno” with nature features. Other names are Johanna Billing, Nevin Aldag (DE), Fabienne Audeod (FR) and Pirjetta Brander (FI). We also show a music video for WARP by Seppo Renvall (FI) and a fantastic dance video by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasumussen (DK).

In the bar Chicken Project by SU-EN will be screened the classic The Kitchen by Carin Ellberg and Katarina Lindgren-Cavallin. The night opens with The Eternal Frame, a performance film by Ant Farm (US) from 1976 and is brought to a close with En film inåt by Johanna Rytel. During the breaks you can buy video and film on DVD and VHS.

The program content may be subject to change.