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2002 May 10, 2002

coming! in Tokyo

Seminar on video art and architecture/moving images in public space
Focussing on the situation in both Sweden and Japan concerning the status of moving images and architecture / public space. Digital technic and architectural ideas are developing rapidly. In dayly life we spend hours among influential moving pictures and their messages. What are our visions for future public spaces?

Programme: Opening by Ewa Kumlien
Presentation: Helena Byström and Åsa Lipka Falck
Kentaro Ichihara, art critic
Kei Kamakanda, curator
Emiko Kato, kulturskribent, curator
Shingo Suzuki and Masasto Nakamura, artists
Helena Mattson, art critic, architect
Lars O Eriksson, art critic
Roger Connah, writer, guest professor at University of Texas
Ana L Valdés, writer and journalist

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