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2009 June 17, 2009

Collapse – video program for Tensta konsthall

There’s something threatening about the idea of collapse. Of course, everything is falling apart! There’s also something surprising and threatening in this video program, or perhaps more a sense of discomfort? A humour that surprises.

Curated by Gunnel Pettersson.

Swedish for immigrants, is an ironic portrait of cultural and national identity. At first it makes us feel insecure or even uneasy, but then surprises us and leaves us with a smile of recognition.
After collapse comes rebuilding, beginning with Like a Musical. The context is has changed and we look at musical gestures. The structure that organizes the relationship between subject and object, between subject and cultural experience is in motion. In The Skater a woman’s voice raises a man to a higher level through her blind admiration. The carpet is slipping under our feet and we are moving just as helpless as him. This is most likely irony or is it perhaps blind love? Whatever the case, it is definitely funny.

But how funny are the thugs in Deaf Throes, this is a tragicomedy in mini format? The initial laughter sticks in your throat and instead you may feel like helping these sad characters to a new life.

Humour is part of creativity. The gap between sound, image and the title plate of a filmstrip is the site of play in Associations of hygiene problems. It tickles and defies all the conventional requirements of a film’s story. is one of the most visited web pages on the stock market. In the video, which alludes to this, one can literally see how images and ideas are designed and built, only to collapse – fragments are overturned and re-shaped and in a new monetary pattern.

Just when we’ve got up after the financial collapse, a toy animal squeezes us in to the corner of the video screen with an unpleasant laugh, and we can’t do anything else but think again.

The selection of works represents a small portion of the Filmform Foundations distribution archive of early and contemporary Swedish experimental film and video art.

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Svenska för invandrare

Henrik Andersson

2003, 00:07:07


Like a Musical - Spilt Coffee

Reuben Henry & Karin Kihlberg

2005, 00:04:23



Malin Skjöld

2003, 00:00:54


Deaf Throes

Per Teljer

1998, 00:05:53


Hellre en champinjon i skogen än tio under armen

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

1962, 00:02:20



Christine Ödlund

2003, 00:04:53