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Late Summer Still
Lo Caidahl

Late Summer Still is a poetic encounter between sound and picture. Lo Caidahl’s cameras visualize the creation of Daniel Skoglund’s world of sound, which comes into being by means of sculpture-like electronic equipment. Pictures of the creation of the sounds are layered with film sequences inspired by the soundart duet ‘8TUNNEL2’, in which Daniel has been active together with Isak Eldh. The material for late summer still was recorded during a performance at Uddevalla Art Museum in August 2003.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:12:30
Color Color
Year 2004
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About the artist

Born 1955 in Falköping, Sweden.

Lo Caidahl lived and worked in Gothenburg where he studied at the College of Photography and Film, and at Valands Academy of Art. He worked with video, photography, sound and objects but has also written two books on art and artists. His ‘Konstens anspråk’ (The Claims of Art) was published in 1999 and ‘Konstnärer i samtal’ (Conversations With Artists) in 2004. For some years, he was the publisher of the art magazine ‘Paletten’. In later years he became increasingly interested in the encounter between sound and moving pictures and has co-operated with the sound art group 8tunnel2.