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Kung Guld
Björn Renner & Christoffer Paues

Kung Guld is a suggestive collage film where focus is on emotional communication rather than linear narrative. In the film the main character’s rich emotional life, which moves in all directions, is revealed. It is easy to discern a search for self as well as a frustration of not being understood. The solution is to enter into a dream world, a reality which is self-made.

Cinematically, this reality is portrayed through the use of different techniques, such as Super 8, stills (photos/drawings) and animations. The flow of images moves through different dimensions and thus a new reality is defined. One could compare the film to a piece of psychedelic jazz, where a theme is abandoned and then returned to. In this way we let the piece compose it self, so to speak. This is a form of methodology we use frequently. It enables us to be confronted with deep unconscious fears and wishes, surfacing during the creative process.

In all our films this way of working creates a certain tone and it is a connecting thought between then. Politically we are taking a stand against emotional impoverishment and a too great emphasis on measurable values. We all have more inside of us than we are allowed to express. Each individual is, we believe, a sea of fire.

/Christoffer Paues, Björn Renner

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format
Duration 00:06:00
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 1998
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About the artists

Björn Renner

Björn Renner

Born in 1972, lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

Björn Renner works as a designer and director with high degree of craftsmanship and professional Standards in the areas of animation, editing and directing. The focus always lies on a thoughtful and emotionally engaging idea Resident in Frankfurt, in the vibrant heart of the Rhine-Main area, the economic center of Hessen, he is a Consultant, Visual and conceptual designer and producer of motion picture projects. Björn also works as guest lecturer in the field Media Design at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden on a regular basis. Previous years exhibitions include Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk – Belgium, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, basis, Frankfurt and Kulturhuset, Stockholm among many others.

Christoffer Paues

Christoffer Paues

Christoffer Paues is an artist who lives and works in Stockholm. Paues work embraces painting, film, art installation and lyrics. These different media interact associatively in his work, and provide intellectual depth and new dimensions to each other. The comprised wholeness of all the repetitions, dislocations and recurring characters forms a complex landscape where a story gradually emerges.