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Killing Time
Kent Klich

The title Killing Time refers to the act of waiting – a common state for people in occupied areas or surrounded by blockades. It also points to the imminent death of the individuals portrayed in the mobile phone images and videos, which were taken by people living in Gaza and given to Kent Klich by surviving family members. One of them was the lawyer Gareeb Abed, who filmed himself with his mobile phone, waiting. He was killed while working at police headquarters in Rafah on 27 December 2008, the first day of the Israeli offensive Operation Cast Lead.

Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format
Duration 00:11:22
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2011
Latest screening May 3, 2024
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About the artist

Kent Klich

Kent Klich was born 1952 in Sweden. He studied psychology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and photography at International Center of Photography, New York, USA. He joined Magnum in 1998 and left in 2002. Kent Klich is a visual artist and educator working within the fields of photography and film, slow journalism, and collaborative methodologies of image-making and representation. He focuses on the interconnection between disciplines; an image never stands alone but links with language, objects, sounds, and documents. His work narrates the social and political realities that we inhabit in their complexities by questioning and creating a multiplicity of entry points into unresolved issues, giving room to critical reflection as much as a space for emotional engagement. Areas of work; Denmark, Mexico, Romania, Palestine/Israel and Russia.