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Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise
Lena Bergendahl & Max Ockborn

Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise (The Snake, A Story About Molise) is a short film about language, materials, communication and transitions between organism, object, memory and form. Its title refers to the Italian word for snake, and resembles a river that flows and carries the story across the landscape of Molise. In the film, documentary footage is combined with 3D- scanned sculptures and 3D-generated environments, thereby creating a narrative that spans both real and fictional locations, loosening the boundary between them.

The film was made as part of a long-term artist residency in Filignano, Molise, curated by Deirdre MacKenna, Cultural Documents.

Keywords Essay, Documentary, Experimental, Nature
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:23:05
Language Italian
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2023
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About the artists

Lena Bergendahl

Lena Bergendahl

Lena Bergendahl (b. 1982, SE) is an artist and filmmaker who completed her MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2010. She works mainly with short film and video installations that investigate the origin of images and the relationship between humans and technology from geological, historical and scientific perspectives. Fictitious scenarios are mixed with documentary and archival material in installations that combine video, sculpture and sound.

Her works have recently been shown at Galleri Gerlesborg, Gerlesborg, SE (2023), Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen, DK (2022), Galleri Format, Malmö, SE (2021), Celsius Projects, Malmö, SE (2019), Lunds Konsthall, Lund, SE (2018), Swedish Television (2018) and at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands (2017).

Max Ockborn

Max Ockborn

Max Ockborn (born 1983, Sweden) is an artist who lives and works in Malmö. His works are based on how we all perceive our existence, how we communicate this with each other, and where we seem to be heading. The works often consist of a multitude of interconnected objects, events, and materials with different origins and stories. Together, these come together in sculptures, paintings, texts, and video works where they aim to contribute to discussions.

His works have been exhibited at Malmö Konstuseum (2022), the Museum of Sketches (Skissernas Museum) (2023), Ravinen Kulturhus (2021), Gislaveds Konsthall (2021), Fullersta Gård (2019), Galerie Leger (2021), Alta Artspace (2017) and at Bonniers Konsthall (2017). Ockborn was awarded the Barbro and Holger Bäckström Scholarship in 2022. He has also created public works in collaboration with Göteborg Konst at Selma Lagerlöfs torg and with Stockholm Konst in Bredäng.