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Kim Ekberg

Hampus and Olivia, former Ex on the beach-participants and influencers, struggle to maintain their work and relationship in Norrköping, Sweden. Director Kim Ekberg struggled a long time to finance the short film about his brother Hampus and his girlfriend. Unfortunately the couple break up and the previous script needs to be remade, and suddenly it becomes a film with an unexpected meta-level. Now it’s a movie about moving forward without each other instead, as well as a film about the vain attempts to capture reality on celluloid.

Semi-abstract youtuber-breakup feelgood starring first time actors Hampus Ekberg & Olivia Hedlund. 

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format 35mm
Duration 00:14:32
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2022
Latest screening Mar 23, 2024
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About the artist

Kim Ekberg

Born in Krokek, Östergötland 1989. Lives and works in Bredäng. Educated at Akademi Valand. Film maker, artist and film critic. Runs POST POST with Hannah Wiker Wikström and Sawandi Groskind, a production company striving to bring the means of production into the hands of the film makers. Kim is especially interested in analog media, hand developing, and 16mm in particular.

His works has been screened in Göteborg, São Paulo, Amsterdam, Ställberg, Nairobi, Kassel and Arjeplog to name a few places.