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Wolfgang Lehmann & Ying Wang

RE:Wilding is a joint production of Berlin based composer Ying Wang and Stockholm based filmmaker Wolfgang Lehmann. The music is performed by ensemble reflektor, conducted by Bar Avni.

In RE:WILDING, the wildness of the music and images is that of life itself. A wildness of curiosity, not fear, of jungles and nature. Like Gustav Mahler, neither Wang nor Lehmann are mapping any specific nature environments, but rather create one of their own. Like a sudden weather change, Lehmann’s images appear out of the dark, while the music gradually reaches out into the wild. The images allow the music to unfold in new paths, leading us to a synthetic experience. They are observing the musical jungle, they don’t cut into it, they pulsate and breathe with the music. This idea of “re-wilding” isn’t about naively glorifying a life in nature. It rather is about examining our cultural paradigms of wildness and civilization.

(Andreas Karl)

Keywords Nature, Experimental, Music, Landscape
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:22:03
Language No dialogue
Color Color+bw
Sound Stereo
Year 2023
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About the artists

Wolfgang Lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann was born on June 12, 1967, in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, and lived and worked in Sweden since 2006.

Master of Arts, Stockholm University – main field of study: History of Ideas – supplemented with studies of theoretical philosophy, intersectionality and art history/visual studies.
He works as an artist in the field of the poetic non-narrative film and video art.
His first cinematic efforts were made in 1989. Since 1994 Wolfgang Lehmann has realized and produced his own films and installations, many of which were invited for showings at festivals and museums in many countries worldwide.

In his works, he makes transformations and transfers of documentary staged pictures or found footage images into more or less abstract works. To accomplish the translation from one reality to another, he mixes the media: analog 16 mm film with digital material. The final result image is a result of overlays of material that has been repeatedly filmed and re-copied.

Ying Wang

Ying Wang

Ying WANG 王颖

In her compositions, Ying Wang deals with topics such as environmental pollution, global social grievances, political persecution and our ambivalent relationship with technology. She established herself as a composer who critically reflects and re-thinks chamber and orchestral music. Her musical language is spontaneously giving room to a sensory and bodily experience of her world. It is filled with rhythmic drive, metallic colors and harsh melodic sensitivity. Her first homes in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as her new one in Berlin, form a contrast that is conceptually and musically embedded in her music. Crucial for her work is also cooperation – she is always looking for new links to other media and arts, such as dance, video, digital art, light, visual arts and performance.

Since she settled in Europe WANG steadily shaped her artistic language and for that she was awarded with numerous prestigious prices and scholarships. Among the ensembles and orchestras, she worked with, are some of the finest and renown musicians in Europe and Asia.