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Cheap Imitation "They Walk and I Walk"
Rickard Eklund

A music video produced for the Gothenburg-based group Cheap Imitation (Anders Olofson & Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt). The video was produced based of found 16mm film footage of synchronized swimming, lacking any further identification.

The footage has been reworked using a digitization process in the artist’s studio, where the film was captured through a zoomed camera directed into a film projector, unto the passing film strip, against softened background lighting. Light flares and framing artifacts from the technique are included in the finished video, where the images have also been partially left turned upside down for effect.

Keywords Experimental, Music, Abstract, Montage
Prod. format 16mm & Generic HD-video
Duration 00:03:24
Color BW
Year 2018
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About the artist

Rickard Eklund

Rickard Eklund (*1987, SE) is an artist that mainly works with sculpture, print-making and film around reoccurring themes of perception and perspective, inspired by dreams, sci-fi, ancient art, scientific artifacts and visual effects.
His experimental work continually explore new artistic tools and techniques, while also often using found objects and images that he alters through filtering, reframing and incorporating into new structures.

Eklund lives and works between Stockholm and Gothenburg, received a master from Valand Academy in 2014 and has since also studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His work has been continually been exhibited domestically and internationally and he has also been recognized for his work with record covers and music videos. His work is included in the collection of the Swedish Public Art Agency.