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Close to God/ Far from Home 2 (somewhere in between age & beauty)
Axel Petersén

Sometimes memories go apart. Sometimes they stay the same.

1st draft of an apology (Face A)

It all started with a school trip to the holy land in 2008. I was young and beautiful and I remember watching “Don’t mess with the Zohan” on the plane over. The student group that was going wasn’t mine but someone invited me and I kind of snuck in, took a free pass. I tried to find my place, play my part.

I dreamt of getting on a bus to Egypt, but it was already too late.
One night someone got a donkey and insisted the Professor would ride it. I remember asking for a purpose of it all.

The next day the German Bishop of Bethlehem held a long sad speech about the Palestinian question, and how it was all his fault, Germany’s fault.

I was already looking for something else, I just didn’t know it was you.

2nd draft of an apology (Face B)

I remember having a mental breakdown in the Holy Sepulcher, a mild case of the Jerusalem syndrome. Back in Bethlehem, in the room where we were staying, I remember feeling liberated. Alive. Reborn? Hungry somehow.

Days passed and my hunger turned in to unrest. Something was pulling me closer to you.

I found a mysterious boy. He fascinated me for a minute.

Then I found a regular guy. He decided to call me XL after a local energy drink. That night I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the XL? Maybe it was the star of Bethlehem?

I remember trying to dream about getting on a bus to Egypt, but it was already too late.

The next day I found you, or perhaps you found me? 

Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:11:00
Language English
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2017
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About the artist

Axel Petersén

Born in 1979, lives and works in Stockholm.

Axel Petersén is a visual artist and filmmaker who has made a variety of feature and short films, video and photography installations; exhibiting in galleries, institutions, filmfestivals and cinemas worldwide. He has a MFA from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, he also studied film at FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and History of Arts in Stockholm and Lund University.

A variety of his films, videos and video installations have been shown in art galleries, institutions, film festivals and cinemas worldwide, e.g.; Gallery Niklas Belenius, Dumbo Arts Center NYC, Venice Film Festival, BAAD Gallery Tel Aviv, Arkitektur Museum Stockholm, Favorite Goods Los Angeles, Palais de Tokyo, Galleri Arnstedt Östra Karup, Museum Reina Sofia, GOOD TV, Berlin International Filmfestival, DETOUR Cairo, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Toronto Film Festival, Galleri Bastard Stockholm and OVNI Barcelona. His latest feature film The Real Estate was nominated as best picture in the International Competition at the 68th Berlinale (2018).