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Långsamt rör jag mig i din riktning
Olga Krüssenberg

The film is a family chronicle of three generations. It is based on a secret that was recently revealed in the family and that has reshaped our understanding of who my grandmother was as a person. Through my grandmother’s story, which is told through the memories of her children, the film reflects on the consequences of mental illness, on not being able to have a choice of one’s own and what this does to a person. It is about what a human life means, and about the memories that remain when that human is no longer around to speak. Most families carry their secrets, in mine it concerns a child given away for adoption. The film is my way of zooming in on an individual’s destiny to speak about a collective experience.

Långsamt rör jag mig i din riktning follows three generations at once; grandmother, frozen like a shadow figure in a memory, I who in the present look back on the past and wonder what happened, and my father and his sisters who become a steppingstone back to the past. In the film, I try to map my family’s history connected to Finnish Ostrobothnia, where my father and my aunts act as a bridge between the present and the past, Sweden and Finland. With the help of interviews, archive material and my own film material, I have begun to recreate a memory of my family’s history.

Keywords Documentary, Personal, Landscape, Nature
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format 16mm & Generic SD-video
Duration 00:22:49
Language Swedish & Finnish
Color Color
Year 2021
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