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Tris Vonna-Michell

Registers is a film consisting of an animated sequence of photographs taken during a trip to Japan made by the artist in 2008. Images of transient and consumer spaces such as underpasses, viaducts, docks, stations and shopping malls are reassembled in an anachronistic narrative. The soundtrack that accompanies the film is the result of a montage of musical compositions by musician Jan Matthé and field-recordings and spoken word by Vonna-Michell.

Prod. format 35mm
Duration 00:12:30
Color Color+bw
Year 2017
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About the artist

Tris Vonna-Michell stages installations and performs narrative structures, using spoken word, sound compositions, film and photography. He has exhibited extensively and was nominated for the Tate Turner Prize (2014) and Guggenheim Hugo Boss Prize (2012) and won the Art Basel Baloise Prize (2008). His practice started by pursuing the limits of an image, in which soon after he integrated spoken word, which was performed live to an audience. Performance enabled other forms and meanings to evolve in his work and allowed for its own continual reinvention. He has been performing to a live audience (ranging from theatre, art institutions, museums, galleries) since 2005. Most recently, the live actions have slowly been transformed into continuous integrated soundtracks that gradually evolved into films. Moving away from live performance and the subsequent disappearance of the acting/speaking body has been quite a significant turn in his work. Over the past few years he has been heavily involved in developing and producing new short films and specific film installations. Recently he has exhibited extensively in an art exhibition context as well as in numerous international film festivals and screening programmes.