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Hasselblad Announcements (2)
Dana Sederowsky

In Hasselblad Announcement (2) the viewer meets a character who, eyes closed and upside down, repeats a mantra at escalating speed: “ There is nothing behind me, there is no one in front of me”. This is a denial of the character ́s own physical position in the room,as well as of the possible existence of the beholders.

The expansive video performance project Special Announcements started in 2006 and is an ongoing lifetime project. The viewer meets a head in a monochrome space which keeps repeating brief sentences, sometimes with eyes open, sometimes closed. The sentences express loneliness and isolation and the words form monologues with pauses that seem to indicate a desire for a reply from the viewer. The disconnected and deconstructed phrases are transformed into psychological studies of human behaviour. The sentences turn out to comprise psychological concepts such as denial, negation, compulsive acts, self-fulfilling prophecies and actual or imagined feelings of being observed. Sederowsky’s art is controlled by a conceptual system of regulations where she carries out her tasks solely on her own, autonomously active both in front of and behind the camera. For instance there is no editing and no visual references to time and space.

The overall title of the series, Special Announcements, suggests that these utterances are important messages to the public. Hasselblad Announcements is a triptych part of this project dealing with notions of still photography. 

Keywords Performance, Body
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:01:30
Language English
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2010
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About the artist

Dana Sederowsky

Dana Sederowsky works with video performance, photography and text. She explores various dimensions of the human condition, often with a tinge of the absurd. Focusing on human psychology, the use of language/text and the apparent meaninglessness of life, she employs repetition and repeated motifs as her means of expression and method.

Dana Sederowsky (b. 1975) lives in Malmö, Sweden. She graduated in 1999 from Högskolan för Fotografi & Film (BFA) and 2006 from Valand Academy of Art (MFA) at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Her work has been shown in Sweden in solo exhibitions at Dunkers kulturhus, Hasselblad Center, Fotografiska, and Göteborgs Konsthall to name a few, as well as internationally in numerous group exhibitions and screenings since the mid 1990s. Her work is also included in several collections. In 2022 Sederowsky published her first book: Separat, in English translation. Solo. A hybrid between art work and novel through Art & Theory publishing.