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Under A Serpent Sun
Annee Olofsson

The video is recorded on a beach a warm and sunny summer day. The artist and her father/sometimes husband, they change place with each other during the video time, sitting and laying on their beach towels. They do things you do on the beach: sunbathing, reading, eating etc.

In between the bath towels there is a radio. The only thing you hear on the radio throughout the video is a male and female voice that reads news but only the headlines and news dealing with murder, suicide, accidents etc. The news is like a mantra that never runs out. These news alternates with only one song: ”There’s always the sun” by the rock group The Stranglers.

While this mix of the same song and bad news is played, the beach is filled with people. The little people on the beach sometimes becomes large mirages where you see them twice. One can sometimes feel that happening in the news from the radio in these people’s lives. Everything may have happened or will happen to them and us.

We are all “Under a serpent sun”

Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:25:51
Language English
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2011
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About the artist

Annee Olofsson

Anneé Olofsson mainly works with video, photography but also sculpture and installation. Throughout her career as an artist, she has worked consistently with topics that deal with complicated family relationship and power conditions. It is about growing up, about loneliness, about fear of getting old and about how distance and alienation comes with all human relationships. At the same time, she explores her own personal fears and trauma and allow different interpretations depending on the viewer’s own history and experience. Anneé uses her own life as an artistic tool for analyzing how we relate to the outside world, she believes that the worldly originates in the familiar in her art which explores and highlights the relationships. Very much research is behind each individual project and Anneé’s working method is slow and time consuming. Her videos and photos are usually based on a performative situation.

Anneé is included in Moderna Museet’s collection and MoMA in New York and at other major institutions around the world like SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art), Korea, Orlando Museum of Art Orlando, Hirschorn Museum Smithsonian Institute and Corcoran Gallery of Art Washington DC , Mint Museum of Art North Carolina, Herbert F. Johnsom Museum of Art Ithaca, The Henry Art Gallery Seattle MFL and several private collections in the US, Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.

Between 2018 – 2020, Anneé have exhibited at Bangkok Art Biennale, The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, Katzen Museum of Art, Washington DC, The Scandinavia House, New York, and SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art). In 2021 she made a separate exhibition at Höganäs Museum and Konsthall.

In recent years, Anneé also works with public art and her latest public works from 2020 are available at St Erik’s new eye hospital in Stockholm.

In Januari 2022, a larger monograph comes out about her artistry “This is Annee Olofsson” (about 300 pages) with the newly started swedish book publisher Praun & Guermouche (Design Sandra Praun).