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Den analytiska stunden
Kjell Johansson

Den analytiska stunden was a part of an experiment with Arris’ new 16mm camera in order to demonstrate the capabilities of new technique. The artists behind the film, Filmligan, consisted of the members Kjell Johansson, Carl Slättne and Ola Billgren. They wanted to examine and provoke society, especially the Swedish Film Institute and Harry Schein.

The film takes place inside the folders of a book whose cover, in metallic relief, shows something resembling the dance of young bodies around a tree. The camera is constantly in motion and is only able to vaguely register the ground and surrounding nature. We see glimpses of male heads. Soon we meet Gunnar Furumo, Lars Haglund, Carl Slättne and Thomas Öhrström. Kjell Johansson moves alongside the four whilst they run in a gloomy landscape. The runners marsch is shown to be clearly wearying. In the epilogue Johansson turns around exactly 27 times in front of the static film camera, the pages of the book are turned over and the book closes. The camera register both transpiring events in the world and is kept steady before an object that determines the section. The examination was a success. The director holds the power. 

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format 16mm
Duration 00:08:00
Color BW
Year 1965
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About the artist

Kjell Johansson

Kjell Johansson was born in Ystad in March 1939. He has studied at Lund University as well as Stockholm University where he holds a Bachelor of Arts with Russian as a major (1977). In 1963 he participated in the Swedish Television’s newly started editor training. Whereas he later worked as a producer between 1968-1982. From 1982 to 1994 Johansson worked as a curator of the Film Museum in Kristianstad. In 1994 he served as a translator and publisher. He currently runs the book publishing company Murbräckan in Borrby, which specializes in publishing older previously untranslated Russian fiction. The company is still in business. In 2003, Johansson was awarded the Swedish Academy’s translator prize. His latest edition was published in 2011.