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Marit Lindberg

Every Tuesday afternoon, staff from different departments gather in the kitchen for a joint meeting. The School Prefect holds the meeting and informs about things that are important for everyone to know. There is also an opportunity to share other information. The meeting usually takes about half an hour.

During the corona pandemic, the meeting is held digitally, via Zoom. Everyone works from home, isolated from each other. At the same time, employees gain a new insight into each other’s private sphere. In the video “The College”, the meeting is just about to end. The prefect asks if anyone wants to say anything more before turning off the zoom meeting.

‘The College’ shows a brief moment, recorded in April 2020, at a time that seems new and unpredictable. The formalized exchange of information is interrupted by something dreamy. During the pandemic, a number of conditions and rules have changed. What do we share and what do we carry within ourselves? Just as in previous works, Marit Lindberg examines the relationship between the intimate and the collective through worrying transitions between the expected and the possible.

Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:03:46
Color Color
Year 2020
Latest screening Nov 6, 2021
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About the artist

Marit Lindberg

Born in Stockholm 1961, lives and works in Malmö. Marit Lindberg primarily works with video and performance, creating and exploring social situations, often linked to a place or a historical / political event.

The starting point can be a situation that develops into a story in which place, personal memories, oblivion, the collective or intimate secrets create their own logic. What is not supposed to be shown in public is displayed. Intimate conversations can be amplified and secret ailments shouted out over a square. In one film the story is cut out and only the intermediate shots where the director directs his actor remain. The works are intensely present through the voices of the participants at the same time as they can be seen as comments on major political and social events.
Marit Lindberg’s films and performances have been shown in various locations in Sweden and internationally, including Malmö konsthall, Malmö, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Museum of Modern Art, MAC Usp, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Paco das Artes, SP, Brazil, Achtung Berlin, Berlin, Kasseler Dokumentarfilm Fest, Germany, Kiosk, Athens, Greece, Ititnary performancefestival, NY 2012-2017, Marit Lindberg worked with the artist group Carousell, a video research project that was shown at the Konstnärshuset in Stockholm (2017). Lindberg’s works are represented at, among others, Moderna Museet, Stockholm and Malmö Art Museums, Malmö.