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Angered Gardens
Marie Obbel Bondeson

Angered Gardens is a valuable place, where integration is happening all by itself. A video on the invisible positive aspects of suburban life. On what the media never writes about.

Bondeson met Halime Kadiri in what she describes as ‘the little Paradise’. Halime is an active and committed resident in Angered. Together with many others she spends valuable time in the gardens. She calls it a self-organizing integration project much more effective than any project arranged by the municipal authorities. Yet the gardens are constantly under threat to be removed and closed down.

Halime says: -There is a constant uncertainty for us the gardeners, either because the municipality wants to build houses or because the neighbours are complaining. It’s weird. Because it seems to me there is so much land here in Sweden. I have had an allotment since 1994 in Angered. In total I have had six different allotments. There are currently 77 of them here. 61 of them have cottages too. We have been moved several times back and forth with our plants to different places. On one occasion I moved within the suburb of Angered myself and therefore changed lots voluntarily.

I move my plants from one place to another. Sometimes they survive, sometimes they don’t. To me, proximity to nature means everything. Sometimes I believe that it wouldn´t matter whether I would become homeless or unemployed because from nature I will never return empty-handed. It gives me the very most precious things in life. The allotement is my true bank. It gives me locally produced vegetables and flowers. And I relax. I become another human being here. It has helped me to get back from difficult situations many times. When I go to my garden and dig a little, I bury all of my worries.

Keywords Nature
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:05:40
Language Swedish
Color Color
Sound Stereo
Year 2015
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About the artist

Marie Obbel Bondeson

Born in 1957 in Ängelholm, Sweden. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Marie is a multi media artist and works with video, sound, sculpture, text and painting. She has studied at the School of Design and Crafts and at Valands Academy of Art in Gothenburg. In 2001 her animations ”The Descendent from Mecklenburg” and in 2002 ”Does the noise in my head bother you” were part of Blick-New Nordic Contemporary Videoshow – an internationally touring video compilation arranged by Moderna Museet.

The video A Ruda Road movie has been shown in various contexts since it was produced for Virserums Konsthall in 2002 in her installation on Funky Business. Marie explores social situations and work to make visible what has been made invisible. The constructions of the Real and the borders towards what we define as the Unreal are current themes in her work.