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Leningrads sista dagar
Maria Zennström

Maria Zennström knew that the days of her relatives – in that preserved state she loved – were numbered. That’s why she filmed the most beautiful people she met: the poor intelligentsia of Leningrad in the end of the eighties. The film was shot in a cramped flat in a city that was called Leningrad in 1989. Zennström needed a story so she used her family’s. She needed a storyteller and used herself. Today, quite some years later, the people, the city and the country where the film was shot no longer exist. The film becomes a time capsule.

Maria Zennström: ‘I know now that all that hassle about the borders between countries, the travel in time, the bitterness, the question about who is privileged – and not least questions about beauty, have always been going on inside me.’

English title Last Days of Leningrad
Keywords Experimental
Aspect ratio 16:9
Prod. format 35mm
Duration 00:28:00
Color Color
Year 2016
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Maria Zennström