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M-E: A Video Selfie

In M-E: A VIDEO SELFIE, the artist turns the camera to herself in a quest to explore historical feminine traditions from a film historic and psychological perspective. How will these various professional strangers define her?

M-E: A VIDEO SELFIE is produced by Happy Endings Productions Ltd, with support from Film i Dalarna. The artist Loulou Reloulou makes an appearance as a performer, alongside Emie.

An experimental semi-documentary, in which the artist is defined by professionals such as psychics, tarot readers, hypnotherapists, astrologists, clairvoyants, psychologists and a dream interpreter. The edited audio from these meetings make up the soundtrack and the film explores whether these strangers could paint a realistic picture of the artist or whether it’d be a caricature of a woman?

Although this project is told from what the palm reader could see in the palm, and the astrologer could see in the stars, the film captures a wider, general idea of the stereotypical, modern woman. Will the artist be able to identify with the norms and expectations associated with that gender?A project about our day and age’s focus on the individual, about identity and self-help.

The film draws subtle posthumanist parallels between early film experiments and their relation to the human psyche. In the humanist era, the mentally challenged were seen as in between the binary oppositions human/animal and this was why early frame-by-frame photography was used in scientific research to capture the human taking shape of an animal during psychosis.

In the video, the artist embodies the form of her subconscious humanimal and adds a posthumanist take on the most common form of expression used in our contemporary, neo-liberal era – the selfie.

Keywords Feminism
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:14:20
Language English & Swedish
Color BW
Year 2015
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