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Home Styling
Magdalena Ljung (fd Dziurlikowska)

I walk around in my apartment, talking about what needs to be done. I pay attention to details and lose perspective. Everything needs to be redone!

There is an obsession with interior design. It is mostly women who put strain on themselves and their nearest relations in their desire to redecorate the home. I want to show how such projects are endless. I also want to comment on the time consummed in making things look right. 

Keywords Architecture
Aspect ratio 1,33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format
Duration 00:08:14
Language Swedish
Year 2006
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About the artist

Magdalena Ljung (fd Dziurlikowska)

Born 1975 in Warszawa. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Magdalena Dziurlikowska is an artist and art critic based in Stockholm. She works primarily with video, photo and text. The core of her works are staged documentaries in which she scrutinises herself, her problems and her artistic work with a mix of black humour and deep seriousness. Magdalena Dziurlikowska writes art criticism for the daily press and for art magazines. She is also a lecturer and guest teacher at art academies.